Created by Ken Hallaron,
Doug Zeitlin, Neil Lindgren, Terry Doner, Jim Caswell, Andy Fox,
Jason Hobbs, Matthew Hallaron, Jennifer Lindgren, Eric Mc Donald,
Ken Asche, Anthony Eppard, Katie Meadows, John Bird, et al.

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Created in 1987, what would later become known as the RC Universe and Earth-K, started here with the formation of groups like the Big Apple Knights, Gateway Guardians and, of course, the Champions of Justice. It would grow over the years to become the primary earth of the RCU Multiverse. It functions within its own, self-contained continuity, spanning the better part of a century within its own timeline, leading to there being many differences from the real world. Not only has it been the center of multiple games, but also the subject of several short stories.

- These campaigns run in both face-to-face and Google Meet.
- These campaigns run face-to-face only.
- These campaigns run on Google Meet only.
§ - This former campaign ran on the Echoes of the Multiverse message board only.
¤ - These former campaigns were absorbed / transformed into other campaigns.
~ - These former spin-off campaigns were reabsorbed into their original campaigns.
Active Campaign Groups Champions of Justice Nevada Strikeforce

Inactive Campaign Groups Allied Defenders Eclipse Force d'Orleans
The Gulf State Guardsmen § Pacific Coast Paranormals ¤

Other Heroic Groups American Rangers Crusader Force Crux Australis
Euroforce National Mecha Team of Nippon National Solar Parahuman Team of Nippon
The Parahuman Society of Canada The Shadow Hawk la Société Ultrahumaine du Québec
The U.N.D.I. The Union of African Supers

Families Legacy Families The Hero Family

Duos & Trios The Bayou Boys The Birds of the Bay Guardian & Shrike
Los Terrífico Tres

Solo Operatives

Former Campaign The Aces ¤ Big Apple Knights Crusaders ¤
Groups (disbanded) D.C. Defenders ¤ Freax ¤ The Frisco Freax ¤
Firepower ¤ Gateway Guardians Hawk ¤
Knights of Justice ~ Nightwatch ~ Strike Force¹ ~
Strike Force² Shooting Star Ranch The Veiled Society
The Wanderers Windy City Defenders

Disbanded Hero Allied Champions Freedom Force I Legion of Champions
Groups Liberty Squadron The Pendragons Windy City Warriors

Campaign Groups B.A.D.A.S.S.

Other Antiheroic Groups Black Power Consilium de Lumine Friends of the World
Rebel Yell Sacred Circle Soldiers of Fortune

Non-Parahuman Antiheroic Groups C.A.S.H. Colonel Kirby's Commandos

Solo Operatives

Former Campaign Avatar Retribution ¤
Groups (disbanded)

Disbanded Antihero A.R.M.O.R. Brotherhood of Freedom The Slayers
Groups The Vigil

Master Villains Kristoffer, Son of Mordred The Locksmith Andrew Mahn

Raziel Gravatar Robotron

Dominion The Fomorian Lady Fortanchu

Madame Y Mister Marvel Puppeteer

Second Tier Villains Alchemo Cephalopod The Commodore

Death Mistress Decibel Doctor Madnificent

Kong Hotep The Kraken Necron

Organizations The Baker's Dozen The Birdmen The Iron Pirates


Villain Teams Aberrants Altered Nation The Blood Knights

The Collection Agency The Darq Demolishers

Destructors Drug Lords Dwibsvincović Brothers

The Eight-Dread Enforcers The Entropy Gang

Evicted Demonz F.A.G.I.N. The Fearsome Four

Firebird Flux Free Radicals

Four Horsemen Generation M Lambda Force

Lynch Mob Malevolent Seven Natural Disaster

The New Outcasts Noble Gas Gang The Oddballs

Rainbow Warriors The Saracen Shamon's Scourge

S.L.U.T.s Sun Lords Time Champions

Union of Anarchy The WeatherNauts Wild Horses

Duos & Trios Acidic Ladies Atomic Reaction Cerulean & Azure

Cinnamon & Sugar Donner und Blitzen Doppleganger and Baskilisk

Gold Rushers Hurricane Twins Low and Slow

The Malpractitioners The Mimeos Miss Andrists

Mr. & Mrs. Tality Rancid Mutilations Scientists of Power

The Superfans Tat and the Hat The Tesla Twins

Thunder & Lightning The Thunder Twins Tower Power

Vangor and the Villain The Warlocks Wild Hearts

Loose Affiliations Followers of Germanicus C.A.M.L. Los Diablos

Mercenaries 'R Us

Solo Operatives

Street Crime The Caporetta Family The East Side Sinners The Fantasti-Klan

The Lumberjack Gang The Pagans The R.I.G.H.T.

The Rizzoli Family The Ruspovik Crime Family The Schwartz Organization

Shotuka Ninja Clan The Von Zuel Organization The Yakuza

Disbanded Villain Groups Blasters The Boulet Clan Champions of Injustice

The Collectors Demolition Squad Evil Villians In League

Feathers Force Five The Guild

Havok Hazard, Inc. I.O.G.W.P.

Kearns Brothers L.O.S.E.R.s Meister der Kraft

Miss Muscles & Deflector The Outcasts The Phoenix Syndicate

Power Four Society for the Facilitation of Enthropy Triple Threat

Military and Political Organizations
Foreign Organizations United Nations Intelligence Taskforce M.I.9 F.S.B.

National Heroes of Nippon People's Liberation Army Para-Force Royal Canadian Parahuman Security

Department of Superhuman Security of Quebec

U.S. Organizations Office of Parahuman Relations Parahuman Security Bureau PSB Strikeforce

U.S. Military U.S. Secret Service F.A.S.I.

U.S. Black Ops Project: Coffee Project: Moonshot Project: Eclipse

Project: New Moon Project: Titan Project: P.H.A.S.T.

Former Campaign Political Freedom Force III U. S. Marshals
Organizations (disbanded)

Disbanded Political Organizations Freedom Force II U. N. Earthforce

The Business District
Large Corporations Adams Industries Amalgam Materials American Industries

C.E.R.N.A. C.R.E.S.T. D.I.T. Co.

Drébin Technologies Holiday International Knox Enterprises

Lexington, Incorporated MahnTech MorTech

Pierce Manufacturing Company Remington Enterprises Round Table Industries

StuntCorp Technological Innovations Now (T.I.N.) Tanaka Electronics Corporation

TanYan Mining Corp

Subsidiaries of Above Bronson Laboratories (MahnTech) AirMahn (MahnTech) The Olympus Mahns (MahnTech)

GenCorp (C.E.R.N.A.) StarChylde Casino (Drébin) Ravens and Associates (Lexington)

The Nesca Corporation (Holiday)

Small Businesses Bigger Lens Films The Breié Body Shop & Motors C.F.O.R.I.

Cornen Foods Deuce Investigations Diamond Detective Agency

Hart Poker Challenge Law Offices of Jones and Knight Mills' Gyms

Oasis Community Center The Pitcher's Mound Pole2Pole Industries

Smart Securities Wagner Financials and Associates

The Dark Web Fawkes Construction Designs Mr. Q's

Locations of Interest
Additions to the Map Empire City, Delaware Williamsburg, New Jersey Industrial City, Iowa

Tyler City, Oregon Tippecanoe, Oregon Everett's Bay, Maine

Candleton, Kentucky Kennedy, Illinois Fort Benard, Indiana

Horton Valley, Wisconsin Ronald, West Virginia Northwick Heights, California

Huron City, Ontario Omg'W'Wtt Island Sala'aq

Tongolia Winanstan Asteroid 198796 Coinneach

Superteam Bases Liberty Station Champions Cavern Champions Island

The Aerie The Carriage House Ceres Station

Maison de Force Crusader Fortress Eclipse Observatory

Defender Depot The Sanctuary Rebel Yell Headquarters

The Ranger Stations Euroforce Chalet

Superhero Bases Guardian's Lair Osprey's Nest Tara Base

The Priva-Pier The Dragons' Lair l'Armoury

The Birds' Nest Thoth's Base The Refuge

Hornet's Nest East

Former Bases The Guard Tower Havok Moonbase Slade's Folly

The Sleeve

Points of Interest International Hero Hall of Fame Legion of Champions Museum Crusaders Memorial Museum

Koezar Galactic Embassy The Radio Ranch

Parahuman Facilities Radke Ultra Security Penitentiary The P.I.T.T. Alister Institute

Valhalla Cold Storage Severny Island Parahuman Gulag

Beyond the Norm
Cryptozoology Kaiju Cryptid Primates Lake Monsters

Sea Folk

Supernatural Beings Ghosts Vampires Therianthropes

Magical Tomes & Objects Fantastic Beasts

Genetic Anomalies Mutants

Alien Races Ahzn: Ahm Ahzn: Idani Algolians

Amorti Canidac Dugzta

Drasalite Faligreyans Granar

Hreudi Izuifinairid Kawri

Kirini Koezar Mar-Togs

Qaranites Samjax Stroni

Sootronoo Trinim Ukahnans

Vrohpi Worrakans Xehnians

Interstellar Agencies Star Knights Zero Hunters

Space Lanes The DIRSAT The Archon's DIRSAT The General Practitioner's DIRSAT

The Panda Ring Space Slavers

Alternate Dimensions Der Nacht Der Tag Erylusia

8th Dimension Freiezeit Faerie World

Hementopia Hy-Brasil Bridge Realm Mysteria

Parallel Earths Shin-Ra Tartusuria

The Underdark

Artifically-Made Pocket The Crystal Cavern Pocket Manor San Fran Chaos
Dimensions Impland Dimension-Hex

Alternate Future Timelines Timefire Legionnaires

© Copyright 1987, 2023 - Kenneth G. Hallaron, James E. Caswell

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