Created by Doug Zeitlin, Jim Caswell and Ken Hallaron

The Hreudi are a semi-humaoid, vaguely arthropodal extraterrestrial race. Several years ago, they attacked the central part of the largest landmass on Earth. The Russian military and the FSB Parahuman division were overwhelmed, so the Russians contacted the United States and the Champions of Justice and D.C. Defenders helped curb the attacks, and Joseph Chillin brokered peace.

There are two distinct Hreudi forms, some seem more humanoid, and a ruling caste that is more scorpion like. It is unknown if these are two distinct races: slave and master, if one is somehow a mutated form of the other, or if one is the larval state of the other.

Hreudi Lifeforms
Hreudi, common
Hreudi, common w/armoured pod
Hreudi, scorpio

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Last updated on 4 July 2023