The Collectors

Created by Neil Lindgren
Team PL: 10-11

Each was a parahuman art thief. That's what the four of them had in common. They had no dreams of conquering the world, or an interest in violence for its own sake as so many other villain teams had. And no interest in working for those people. They just wanted to take the pretty things they wanted. They fought the Crusaders and the Champions of Justice several times. They were sometimes joined by Hornet and Firebat, as the pair tried to find their place in the world. After several defeats, they came to recognise the problems with their business plan. Then, while in prison, they met the mercenary, parahuman family called Hazard, Inc. This led to the merger of the two groups into the Collection Agency.

Former Members

Known Associates

© Copyright 1988, 2023 - Neil R. Lindgren

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Last updated on 4 July 2023