Created by: Jim Caswell and Jason Hobbs
Team PL: 12

Many centuries after the portal between Earth and the realm known as Der Nacht was opened, another realm of the hell plain entered into battle, sending a spirit named Raziel to conquer and enslave the human realm. Arriving in the midst of a Zulu tribe in Africa, the spirit inhabited one of the tribesmen and set out on his evil mission. In an attempt to save him, the tribe's medicine man summoned a spirit of his own to act as their defender. Umbarran inhabited the willing medicine man and struck out to destroy his enemy.

Through the centuries, the two have fought a bitter battle, each striving to destroy the other. In most cases, when the host is destroyed, the spirit is banished to a newborn child, once again forced to endure a growth to power, giving his foe a period of rest. In all known cases, Umbarran has been the victor, and mankind would dread what would happen during such a period if he were to loose. Eventually, however, the surviving host grows old and seeks out a willing successor to pass the spirit to, this way ensuring that there is no wait time for the power to emerge.

During World War II, Raziel worked alongside Kristoffer, Son of Moldred as advisors to Adolph Hitler while the Umbarran host donned a super hero guise for the first time as the White Shadow and joined forces with the Allied Champions to destroy his enemy. Raziel surfaced once more in the mid 1970's, only to be foiled again by Umbarran, this time as the Scarlet Samurai, working with the Legion of Champions.

In the dawn of a new century, Raziel returned and the battle began once more. Raziel made several attempts to form a superhuman force -- including incorporating his own loyal followers with soldiers from the Viper organization his human host had assembled -- to aid him in his work and hold back the new Umbarran host and his heroic teammates. Dedicated to fulfilling the evil desires of their dark master and strive to snuff out all that's good in the world. His attempts were thwarted, however, by Eidolon and the Champions of Justice, destroying his corporal form and forcing him to once again start from scratch.

Raziel's Cult
Sun Dragon
Mr. Omega
Cult Acolytes

© Copyright 1999, 2023 - James E. Caswell, Jason D.C. Hobbs

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