Created by Scott Bennie and Cliff Christiansen for the Hero System
Adapted by Jim Caswell, Doug Zeitlin and Ken Hallaron
Team PL: 11 (10-12)

The organization known as Viper made its first noted appearance in Houston, Texas around the same time that Eclipse had expanded its membership significantly (sometimes referred to as the days of the "Houston Mob"). Known for their green-and-gold laminae suits and blatant tactics, these snake-theme terrorists spent the better part of a year attempting to terrorize the citizens of Houston. However, their attempts to establish a base of operations were continually foiled by the local Houston team. Soon, the snakes coiled upon themselves and disappeared underground.

After making a failed attempt to fix the presidential election which led to the disolving of the Republican and Democratic parties, Viper again resurfaced, this time in the city of Chicago. Their activities started shortly before the Hawk came together, and were the local group's first foes. Again, Viper found itself being defeated at every turn, snapping defeat from the jaws of victory. Even after taking over Lexington Inc.'s foremost business competitor, they managed to slip up and expose their cover to the public.

Through various escapades, pieces of information on the organization have been revealed, but with each fact that is learned about this organization, three more questions surface. The group had apparently been getting financial support from a company known as Neska International, which has also proven recently to be a dummy corporation. Their base of operations in Chicago has recently been bought out by the globally popular Holiday International. With their numbers consistantly imprisoned, they have taken to recruiting local gangs, with evidence showing that a peace has been formed under the Viper flag. In addition, funding still flows from its unknown source, consistantly bringing Viper up to be beaten back into the ground by the local heroes.

For a while, the group disappeared, but had gone into in hiding, waiting for the chance to resurface. When they did emerge, it was discovered that multimillionaire business mogul Barry Holiday was not only the Emperor Ophidian, but also the vessel for the suedo-demon Raziel. Once seperated from the monster, though, he succumbed to the cancer that was ravaging his body and died, seeming as though taking the organization with him.

Recently, however, Viper agents have once again been seen, operating at, what seems to be, a diminished capacity and answering to a new boss. Who that is and what their goal is, though, has yet to be revealed.

Viper Command Structure

Viper Elite Candidate Clones
Black Mamba
Dr. Ceylon
Sabre Rattler

Agent B
Agent C
Agent P
Agent Q

Viper Soldiers
Taipan (PHAST) Agents
Viper Agents

Deceased Viper Agents
King Cobra
Marvelous Mark Lee
Naja Haje
The Emperor Ophidian

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