The Nesca Corporation

Created by Jim Caswell
Location: Houston, TX

Originally formed as a shell corporation for the funneling and laundering of money for the terrorist group Viper, the company was given a white-wash after being "bought" by Holiday International. While there are still no official documents that verify what the company does, it is now officially under the HI umbrella and is kept clean on paper from the criminal organization.

Recently, however, a new COO (Chief Operating Officer) was put in place to run day-to-day operations: Aris Knight. One of his first acts was to purchase the property that formerly housed the Silver City Casino, refurbishing the land and building a new hotel and casino on the property. While the Silver City sign will continue to stand, the hotel and casino will be named Bibo's Folly and will have a Classic Athens theme, including tokens in the style of drachmas.

© Copyright 1996, 2023 - James E. Caswell

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Last updated on 4 July 2023