Created by Jim Caswell
Location: Chicago, IL

Holiday International was a overnight success story. Going from unheard of to Forbes list in the matter of two years, it appeared as though the company could do no wrong and had a license to print money. Starting as an international shipping company, it quickly expanded until it was a mass online shopping network; if you wanted it from another country, would provide it at competitive prices with the other major online store.

Relocating to Chicago, Illinois, owner Barry Holiday dedicated his fortune to trying to show himself and his company as benevolent, though rarely to those who truly needed it. When Nesca Corp. was discovered to be a front for the terrorist organization Viper, Holiday swooped in to buy it out, vowing that it too would be used for the betterment of mankind. This vow turned out to be false, though, when it was eventually revealed that Holiday himself was the head of the villainous organization.

Fortunately for the company and its employees, they had good spin doctors working for the business and were able to distance themselves and the board of directors from the owner's actions. Holiday International and the Nesca Corporation both continue to operate as before. In addition to continuing productivity, the company has recently returned to it's attempts to give back (this time, in ways that can actually help others) in the form of Project: Rebirth; an urban renewal project to help rebuild and renovate homes and buildings in run-down neighborhoods while keeping costs reasonable so people can keep their homes. The first area chosen for renovation is New Square, New York.

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Last updated on 4 July 2023