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Team PL: 13 (11-15)

There is very little known about the man known as the Locksmith. He is a scientist; he is a mad genius, and he is a criminal. He first came to be known publicly in 1950 when he kidnapped the sons and daughters of several of the wealthiest families in the United States, including future President Joseph Chillen. This captured the attention of several heroes from around the nation, who banded together to rescue the children and stop Locksmith. They became the Legion of Champions; something the Locksmith has tried to live down ever since.

He continued to fight against the Legion of the next three and a half decades. He even took on a protege for a time in the original Keymaster. Then he dropped out of sight for a long period time. Did he finally serve time in prisons that normally couldn't hold him? Did he get caught in suspended animation? No one knows, but about six years ago he resurfaced. His former hatred for the Legion now aimed at their successors, the Champions of Justice.

He truly is a brilliant scientist. Indicators are such that there isn't a scientific field he isn't proficient in. He's also quite mad. One of his greatest weaknesses is a prediliction for "lock" or "key" puns in his plans, e.g. headquarters in the Florida Keys; threatening to destroy the locks of the Panama Canal. But he is still very dangerous, favoring artificial androids for assistance rather than his small group of human underlings, chaffing at Keymaster turning traitor and joining the enemy. And despite having to be at least in his 70's, he seems very, very fit. He should not be underestimated.

The Locksmith and His Top Picks
The Locksmith
Keymaster III
The Plastalloy Man
Clockwork Ninjas
The Key Crewmen

Former Picks
Keymaster I

Future Locksmith's Robotron Knock-Offs
DND Attack Droids
DND Infiltrators

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