Crusaders Memorial Museum

Created by Andy Fox and Jim Caswell

When the Crusaders were based out of Williamsburg, New Jersey, they operated from a local junkyard. It served their needs well, but when the team disbanded, the junk was sold off to other dealers in the area and the doors were closed. Stuntman set up a security system to keep vandals away from the property, but it remained abandoned for the next several years. When Mister Behemoth decided to find a new sponsor to take over the financial responsibilities for the team, Lexington Incorporated stepped up.

The Hawk merged with the Champions of Justice and they learned of the Saracen, leading Larry Carter to decide that it was time for the two former Crusader bases to follow in the footsteps of the old Legion of Champions headquarters and be turned into museums. The junkyard was chosen to house the Crusader Memorial Museum.

Attractions include a statue dedicated to the four heroes who lost their lives in the battle with Havok (the Cyclist, Kaleidoscope, the Knight and the Westerner) located at the entrance to the museum. Detailed biographies of the Crusaders whose identities have become public accompany exhibits featuring wardrobe and gadgets. Exhibits also feature the various marketing campaigns that followed the group, including their line of action figures, lunch boxes and other memorabilia. A small theatre shows various film presentations, including documentaries, vintage news footage on the team, and episodes from the Protectors cartoon series. There are unsubstantiated rumors of the museum being haunted.

As is the case with many of the other CoJ-related locations, a secured teleporter station is located in one of the backrooms of the museum, accessable only by authorized personnel and kept secret from the general public.

Museum Curator
George A. Brown

Resident Spirit
Joshua Daniels, the Cyclist

© Copyright 1985, 2023 - Andrew C. Fox, Kenneth G. Hallaron, James E. Caswell

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Last updated on 4 July 2023