Created by Andy Fox and Neil Lindgren
Team PL: 10

The Crusaders first formed nearly fifteen years ago in the port city known as Williamsburg in southern New Jersey, shortly on the heels of the Liberty Squadron, Champions of Justice, and the Warriors. They were noted for their rapid expansion after the Liberty Squadron disbanded, their taking in of super-powered youths, their merchandising and a lot of in-fighting among the charter members. This continued despite various team splits and a relocation for a time to Philadelphia. It was during that relocation that the Crusaders were dealt their hardest blow.

The super-villain team Havok made their debut taking over the Bronson Laboratories building in Philadelphia. What is usually known as the Crusader-Havok Incident left the hero team in shambles. Several Crusaders had been killed, maimed, or sexually assaulted by Havok, establishing their reputation.

Eighteen months later, Mister Behemoth took about forming what was initially known as the New Crusaders. Headquartered out of Colorado, they were made up of a mixture of new heroes and Behemoth's returning friends. They stayed together for a few years, but they lacked strong leadership. After narrowly a terrible assault by the interdimensional Birdmen and a narrow escape off a mysterious floating island, they disbanded again. They have since gone their seperate ways.

Former Members: Williamsburg and Philadelphia
Black Lotus
Fantastic Girl
Fantastic Man II
The Hero
The Knight §
Mr. Behemoth
Music Man
la Panthère Noire

Former Members: Denver
la Chatte
The Hero I
Mr. Behemoth
The Whip
Deceased Members
The Cyclist
The Hero II ¤

Williamsburg Allies
la Chatte Noire II
Fantastic Man I
Ferro Lobo
Ion Storm

Members, really?
Power Gun

Denver Allies
Masked Marvel²

The third incarnation of Crusaders is known as Crusader Force

- Three of Music Man's selves were killed
- Elastiwoman was killed after the Crusaders disbanded, but turned up alive
§ - The Knight was killed but a latent resurrection spell revived him
- Baldman was a temporary visitor from another dimension
¤ - The Hero had secretly been replaced with a clone, and the clone was killed

© Copyright 1984, 1989, 1992, 2022 - Neil R. Lindgren, Andrew Fox

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