Radio Ranch

NAME : A.I.P. #9326 / Matthew Falken IDENTITY : Secret OPERATIONS : Horton Valley, WI, USA POWER LEVEL : 11 PLAYER : Jim Caswell
Zero Boy

Abilities Cost: 64

Lifting STR 4/8 800 lbs. to 6 tons Impervious ignores up to 6

Defense Cost: 11

+10 Close, Damage 8+

Notes: Amorpho has used several identities in the past: Brent Picardo, Quetzal/Hector Estrada, Orf the Clown, The Magnificent Morph and "Three-Card" Monty Hill.

Acrobatics 8 5 3 Athletics 8 4/8 -- Unarmed Combat 10 4/7 3 Deception 8 2 6 Expertise
Mimicry 8 4 4 Television 6 4 2 Insight 4 4 -- Intimidation 4 2 2

Investigation 5 4 1 Perception 4 4 -- Persuasion 4 4 -- Ranged Combat 5 5 -- Sleight of Hand 8 5 3 Stealth 5 5 -- Technology 10 4 6 Treatment -- 4 -- Vehicles -- 5 --
Skills Cost: 16

Accurate Attack Agile Feint All-Out Attack Benefit 2 (Cipher, Alternate IDs) Connected

Defensive Attack Diehard Eidetic Memory Equipment 1 Hide In Plain Sight

Lionheart Power Attack Seize Initiative Takedown Teamwork Uncanny Dodge
Advantages Cost: 16

Cybernetic Warrior: STR 4, STA 3, FGT 3, Not in Noble Gases 10 Artificial Being: Immunity (Life Support, Aging) 11 Artificial Body: Protection 4, Impervious Toughness 11 (ignores 6) 15 Enhanced Sensors: Senses 4 (Ultravision, Infravision, Low-Light 4 Vision, Direction Sense) Size Compaction: Enhanced Trait 3 (Stealth +2, Dodge +1, Parry +1) 3 Additional Features: Features 2 (Perfect Pitch, Ambidextrous) 2 Speed Reader/Calculator: Quickness 4, Only for mental tasks 2 Mimicry Control: Variable 4, 20 pts. to manipulate, Free Action, 28 Not in Noble Gases, Physical effects only Shapeshift: Morph 1 (5) Adaptive Camoflage: Visual Concealment 4 (all) (8)
Powers Cost: 75
Devices Cost: 0
Total Cost: 182
Base Points: 176 ExP Spent: 6 Experience Points Total: 9 Total Points: 182

Honorary COJ Communicator COJ-118 2
Relationships - While Amorpho has no biological ties to anyone, he does see several others as family. There's his AI "brothers," Junior and Psibertron, "father," Larry Carter, and "cousins," Count Zero, Libby and Zeropoint.
Vulnerability - Amorpho is weakened by Noble Gases. If he is attacked in or by high concentrations of Noble Gases, attacks get +5 to the effect.
Nemesis - Project: Titan believes that they have distroyed Amorpho, but if they learn that he is still online, they will certainly try to either capture or destroy him again.

Known Background: The artificial intelligence construct known as Amorpho came online as his creator was taking his final breath. While programmed with the basic knowledge of how to function in human society, how his humanoid form operated and Asimov's three basic laws of robotics, he was incapable of knowing who the man in front of him was or how to safe him. As such, he didn't know why he was created. He left the laboratory, found the nearest television set and began acclimating himself to society. During this time he learned of a group of heroes that were located in the area and calculated that they would be a good source of learning about human interaction and would share his programming to preserve human life.


While serving on the Crusaders was a learning experience for Amorpho, it was also short-lived. After a short period of time offline, he decided that he needed to find his creator. He spent time assuming various human forms, trying to acclimate into the world around him, but never seemed to get the subroutine to operate within expected parameters. Believing that his programming may be flawed, he once again returned to the place of his "birth," hoping to find information. He found the lab empty, abandoned as if nothing had ever been there before. He searched the surrounding area for any clues, but was only able to find an old envelope, ripped in half and stuck on the edge of a shelf.

Amorpho as the Latino hero Quetzal The return address was that of Lexington Incorporated's technology division. A quick search led him to the main branch in Chicago and the company's CEO, Larry Carter. Amorpho not only learned that his basic programming stemmed from Carter's work, but that he had a "brother" in the form of Junior, the Hawk's AI computer system. Amorpho stayed with the Hawk and even worked undercover for them by infiltrating the Brotherhood of Freedom as the winged hero Quetzal to uncover their true goals. When the Hawk was absorbed into the Champions of Justice, he stayed with his newfound "family" and tried to find a way to adapt.

Shortly thereafter, the Radio Ranch school was opened and Amorpho requested to attend so as to further his study of how to become more human. While there, his programming was subverted, causing him to walk into an ambush that almost destroyed him. He was taken to Liberty Station where Count Zero put him back together, learning that his design was based on Xehnian designs in the process. The CoJ worked out that there was a second landing on the day Zero arrived on Earth and that a Black-Ops organization must have taken posession of the ship, reverse engineering the technology to create Amorpho. Deciding that Amorpho must change his identity, the sythazoid decided to adopt the legacy of his "cousin" and became Zero Boy.

Personality: Amorpho's "personality" is based on preprogrammed subroutines designed to respond to individual sets of stimuli, supposedly enabling him to function in almost any social environment. Unfortunately, human interaction is far more complex than any computer program, even when it is generated with predefined parameters based on an existing example. When generating a "personal" identity, Amorpho's programming occasionally misinterprets the situation, applying an inappropriate parameter and causing him to react in unorthodox ways. This often causes Amorpho to come across as silly or just plain strange. This difficulty is amplified if he mimics an identity based on someone else's personality for too long. In this case, the parameters may linger for a while in his subroutines even after rebooting to default mode. Fortunately, his program is constantly upgrading with new situations. The more he learns, and is therefore able to adapt his programming with new input, the easier it is (and will be) for him to fit in.

Powers/Tactics: Amorpho is able to shapeshift into whatever form he wishes, including being able to adapt said forms to fit within established parameters or merge forms to create original constructs. While he is able to adjust his size, strength and speed with a variety of results, he must still maintain the same amount of mass. His mimicry abilities are limited to things that can be physically duplicated, but does not allow him to copy energy projection powers in any way (for example, if he wants to fly, he cannot use jet propulsion but he can grow wings). He has been known, in the past, to create an alternate, "logical" version of a person's energy projection abilities with physical variations, leading to some humorous (and sometimes disturbing) results. This, mixed with the occasional use of his "improvisation generator" (a randomizer that can be consciously applied to various programs) causes him to be an extremely unpredictable combatant.

Appearance: Amorpho weighs 327 pounds, 9 ounces. He is capable of assuming any color, shape, or (to a limited degree) height. In his default mode, however, he stands 5'8" tall. His body is cast in a gray material that is unknown to all but the most top-secret of organizations with the pliability of latex and durability of steel. He also learned during the first of his television observations that the absence of outer covering was a social taboo, so he used his "improvisation generator" to create a clothing scheme and downloaded the design into his default matrix, creating the multicolored costume he "wore." Since assuming the identity of Zero Boy, he has realligned his height to 4'8 and has reset his default matrix to the color scheme of the Zeros.

Amorpho was created, designed and played by Jim Caswell.

© Copyright 1995, 2023 - James E. Caswell

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