Radio Ranch

Created by Jim Caswell and Ken Hallaron

Generation Y-Not assembled a group of parahuman children for their own nefarious purposes. Stopped by the Champions of Justice and Hoshi of Force d'Orleans, their victims were left under Hoshi's foster care at the Shooting Star Ranch. After Glenn Feugeson was brought in by The Patricia O'Neil Foundation to tutor the children, he realized that the arrangement was not going to work out. The custody of the children were switched over to Doctor Radio and Amazon Grace (in their civilian identities) for guardianship and leadership in learning how to use their abilities on the side of good.

This necessitated a change, since their house simply could accomadate that many people. They decided to build on some property that Doctor Radio still owned, outside of Horton Valley. Before long this, effectively, became a boarding school for young parahumans and the children of parahuman crimefighters.

Current Staff
Headmaster : Jackson Roberts (Doctor Radio)
General Manager : Daphne Roberts (Amazon Grace)
Science, Literature, General Education : Glenn Furgeson (Hero Prime)
Computer Science, History, Social Studies : Golden Eagle II "Junior"
Astronomy, Home Ec., Physics, Mathematics : Alejandro Moonstone (Graviton)
Music Education : Daniel Zargood (Bassline)
Physical Education, Martial Training : Mary Yoshida (Black Lotus)
Theatre Arts : Lyta Davis
Librarian : Kim Wayne
Staff Physician : Peter Tslemnekov
Staff Psyciatrist/Physician : Amy Ericson
Mascot : Terry the Tiger

The Students
Harold Angel (Seraph)
Jessie Bryant
Ellen Cane (Rex the Teen Wolf)
Matthew Falken (Zero Boy)
A. Forrest "Duke" Ferguson
Benjamin "Hawkeye" Ferguson
"Trapper" John Ferguson
Grüñkè "Sam Jr." Jademan (Neon)
Joanna Jinnerjohn
Anthony "Tony" Kelley (Flora Man)
John Kelley (Arbor Man)
William "Billy" Kelley (Captain Critter)
Bryan Lane (Kid Defender)
Jack Lucas (Black Volt)
Amy Mitchell
Jaime Martinez
Melissa Moonstone
J.B. North (Maximum)
Jane Reio (Comic Book Girl)
Saul Roberts
Barbara Stiles (Elephanteen)
Tommy Townsend (Pinball Wizard)
Brian Vargo ('Crete)
Colin Wayne Jr.
Lisa Wayne
Naomi Wayne
Tania Wayne
Connie Williams (Miss Terrific)
Drake Zeein
Elisebeth Zeein

Christian Cameron (Captain Miracle)
"Painless" BJ Ferguson (the Hero III)
Walter "Radar" Ferguson (the Sidekick)

© Copyright 2005, 2023 - Kenneth G. Hallaron, James E. Caswell

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