Champions of Justice

NAME : Christian Cameron IDENTITY : Secret OPERATIONS : Rockford, IL, USA POWER LEVEL : 12 PLAYER : Ken Hallaron
Captain Miracle

Abilities Cost: 14

Lifting STR 18/23 6,000 tons or 200,000 tons Flight 9/14 1000 MPH or 32,000 MPH Running 9 1000 mph Impervious ignores up to 7

Defense Cost: 3

+9 Close, Damage 14 Grab +9 Close, Damage 14 Throwing +8 Ranged, Damage 14


Equipment 1 * Teamwork * [Disaming 2] Assessment Beginner's Luck Connected Eidetic Memory Fearless Jack Of All Trades

Accurate Attack All-Out Attack Attractive 1 Benefit 2 (he's Captain Miracle) Close Attack 1 Diehard Extraordinary Effort Great Endurance

Holding Back 1 Improved Initiative 2 Interpose Move-By Action Power Attack Ranged Attack 2 Startle Takedown 2
Advantages Cost: 2

Acrobatics 4 2 2 Athletics 14 14 -- Close Combat 8 7/1 -- Unarmed 9 7/2 -- Grab 9 7/1 1 Deception 4/6 4/2 -- Expertise
American History 4 2 -- Insight 10 7 3 Intimidation 4 4 --

Investigation 3 2 1 Perception 10 7/2 1 Persuasion 4/6 4/2 -- Ranged Combat 4 2/2 -- Throwing 7 2/4 1 Sleight of Hand 4 2 1 Stealth 1 2/-1 -- Technology 4 2 2 Treatment 4 2/2 -- Vehicles 2 2 --
Skills Cost: 6

I need a Miracle: Feature: Instant Change from Christian to Miracle 1 Aged to Adulthood: Growth 1, Continuous, essentially permanent 2 3 while in Captain Miracle form AE Just a Kid: Enhanced Advantages 2: Disarming 2 1 I am Captain Miracle: Stamina +13, Fighting +5, Intellect +2, 92 Awareness +5, Presence +4, Dodge +4, Toughness +2, Expertise +2, Will +1, Perception +2, Close Combat(unarmed) +1, Treatment +2, Ranged Combat(throw) +3, Enhanced Advantages 20 (2nd & 3rd columns) The Miracle of the Mind: Enhanced Advantages 6 (See Italicised in 8 1st Advantages column); Comprehend 1 (Understand any Language) The Miracle of Strength: +17 STR, Lifting Only on 4 STR ranks 30 The Miracle of Invulnerability: Immunity 2 (Aging, Life Support); 29 Impervious Toughness 13; Regeneration 5 (every 2 rounds) The Miracle of Motion Array 19 AE The Miracle of Flight: Flight 9 18 AE The Miracle of Speed: Speed 9, Quickness 9 1 We Need A Miracle: Variable 1, Free Action 9 Hyper-Flight: Flight +5(14), Distracting Miracle of Lifting: +5 STR, Lifting Only Man Is Not Meant To Know: Movement 1 (Dimensional Travel: as defined by Variable) Here's Your Miracle: Perception Selective Area Enhanced Advantage 1 (Favored Environment(Any Environment)), Variable Descriptor (any), Fades Translation Complete: Comprehend +2 (Read, Speak All) Faster Recovery: Regeneration +5 (every round) Withstanding Damage: Enhanced Traits -2 (Dodge -2, Parry -2, Toughness +2); Impervious Toughness 2 Champions-style Haymaker: STR-based Damage 4, Inaccurate 2, Activation: Move Action; Improved Critical 4 Faster Haymaker: STR-based Damage 6, Inaccurate 3; Imp. Crit. 2
Powers Cost: 191
Devices Cost: 0 Total Cost: 216
Base Points: 192 ExP Spent: 24 Experience Points Total: 42 ExP Spent on PL Increase: 16 Total Points: 216

Hawk Communicator, COJ Communicator COJ-052 3 Contribution to CoJ Bases and CoJ Vehicles 2
Responsibility - Christian inherited the Captain Miracle entity and responsibilities to do good from his father and other ancestors.
Enemy - Christian is hunted by his uncle, Mr. Omega.
The Legion Pact - While definately the more experienced member of the team (while in hero form), former Legion of Champions heroes have taken an unspoken pact to allow the next generation to step up rather than take leadership upon themselves.
Secret Identity / Power Loss - Christian Cameron has no powers, few advantages (*), STR 0, STA 0, FGT 2 and AWE 3 in normal form.
Age - Christian is a 14 year old boy with all of the physical, social and emotional limitations that accompany it.

Captain Miracle Known Background: Captain Miracle first appearred on the morning of 7 December, 1941 at Pearl Harbor, Hawai'i. It is believed that the damage wrought by the Japanese fleet would have been far worse if not for his arrival. He continued to fight for America and the Allies throughout the war. Having issues with bombing civilians, he was believed to be killed by the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. He reappeared nearly five years later, and was a charter member of the Legion of Champions. There were two times, during the Cuban Missile Crisis and Nixon's trip to China, when, again, he was believed to be killed, only to reappear a few years later.

He is rumored to be one of the instigators in the break-up of the Legion of Champions, and he was apparently retired for several years. However, when the modern age of heroes was beginning, Captain Miracle was once again active, this time acting as the elder statesman for the Windy City Warriors in Chicago. This was ended when Professor Mercury attempted nuclear blackmail on the city of Chicago. While removing the nuclear device into space, Captain Miracle was apparently lost again.

But, shortly after the Hawk formed, Captain Miracle once again returned, and joined the Chicago superteam, declining joining the Champions of Justice. Captain Miracle remained with the Hawk, acting as the bulwark for the team throughout many incarnations. When the Hawk was annexed into the Champions of Justice, the Captain still declined full membership. He has been seen less often recently, most often in the company of his old Legion teammates Doctor Radio and Amazon Grace.

Personality: Captain Miracle is a shy man with a powerful personality. He is fair and decent and has a sense of right and wrong that is both old-fashioned, but somehow welcomed. While not a skilled leader or speaker, he often finds people following his lead. The Hawk's first leader, Midnight Cross held the Captain up as something to aspire to, though his later teammates resented him. The Captain often seems self-effacing; as if feeling unworthy of the faith people put in him.

Powers/Tactics: Captain Miracle is the archetypal flying strongman. He fights using his strength, his speed, and his ability to fly, and he's very good at it. The upper limits of his strength are unknown; usually any time anyone works up an estimate, something happens and the Captain will exceed it. He is functionally invulnerable; it is believed that a powerful enough explosion ought to be able to kill him, yet he's returned from four different nuclear blasts. He has been observed wielding a large two-handed sword, and projecting some kind of power energy blast from his hands. These abilities/tools have only been seen occasionally, and only in times of great danger.
Appearance: Captain Miracle is a tall (65") man, weighing 300 lb. with a powerful build. His hair is platinum blond, to the point of being white. He wears a red cape with a green uniform, accented in gold.

Captain Miracle was created, designed, and is played by Ken Hallaron, or maybe Jim Caswell.

© Copyright 1994, 2022 - Kenneth G. Hallaron

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