Windy City Warriors

Created by Terry Doner and Jim Caswell
Team PL: 10 (7-10)

In the 1980's, Chicago began to show signs of deteriorating due to a high criminal element. While Chicago had it's share of super heroes, no form of stability or teamwork was present between them. That all changed with the emergence of the super villain team known as The Outcasts. Mindmeld and the Golden Eagle were the first of the heroes to face off against the villains and were quickly trounced. After making a strategic retreat, Mindmeld sent out a request for assistance to the Chicago Police Department. Meanwhile, Captain Miracle took over the fight that was abandoned by the duo. Finally, the three heroes joined forces and managed to stop the Outcasts rampage. The trio realized that they were able to accomplish more together than seperate and joined forces to become The Warriors. They were quickly joined by a heroine, the explosive Bombshell.

Over the years that followed, The Warriors remained an intricate part of the Chicago lifestyle. But likewise, another hero group, this one calling itself the Windy City Defenders, also surfaced. This team, consisting of the amazing Animus, a woman capable of mimicking the powers of any animal in the area, the animalistic Felix, the mentalist Brainwave and the Musketeer. Seeing the redundancy of having two super groups for one city, however, Mindmeld met with Animus and the two agreed to merge into one organization, calling themselves the Windy City Warriors.

Constant battles with various villains and their arch nemesis The Outcasts brought the team together into almost a family, with the pinnacle event being the marriage of Golden Eagle and Bombshell. Plans began to proceed for a new headquarters at the end of the decade at the Lexington Tower. But then, The Outcasts launched what was to end up being their final assault. Bombshell was the first to fall to the vicious onslaught, followed quickly by Musketeer. Golden Eagle, with the death of his wife, led a seemingly suicidal rush on Professor Mercury, taking the villain's life. As the Professor lay dying, he triggered his doomsday devise, which Captain Miracle was believed to have died in its removal from the planet.

After the fighting was finished, Mindmeld and Golden Eagle found that their group was all but destroyed and decided to move on to Washington D.C. Felix and Brainwave went their own way, while Animus was poisoned and killed by the villain group Blasters.

Former Members Deceased Memebers
Felix Katz
Golden Eagle
Captain Miracle4

© Copyright 1987, 2023 - James E. Caswell

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