Created by Jim Caswell
Team PL: 11 (9-12)

Two months after the death of his father, Xavier Holiday took the family multi-million company and turned it into a global multi-billion dollar franchise. Holiday International’s North American headquarters was soon located in the Windy City with branches spreading all over the United States.

No sooner had the company settled into its offices, and Holiday sprung the next surprise upon the city of Chicago. Importing ethnic heroes from around the globe, Holiday founded his own super team: The Brotherhood of Freedom. Under the flag of ethnic unity, the group has made public its intention to begin with Chicago and spread outward to the rest of the world; intent on eliminating crime completely. When asked about Chicago’s already-existing hero team – the Hawk – Holiday explained that "competition is a natural part of business, and the super hero business is still a business. There is no reason why the Hawk should hold a monopoly on the protection of this city. There is enough crime to stop and innocents to protect for us all."

After several months, however, it was discovered that the hero known as Depot was actually a Viper operative who, with the help of King Cobra, had brainwashed the rest of the Brotherhood. With the infultration of Amorpho - disquised as Quetzal - the Hawk discovered the truth and foiled their plans. Unfortunately, though, the majority of the Brotherhood had suffered significant mindcontrol and were in need of deprogramming before being able to return to their normal lives.

Former Members
Shadow Dancer

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