Champions of Justice

NAME : Polydecacarbide / Paul E. Decker IDENTITY : Secret OPERATIONS : New York, NY, USA POWER LEVEL : 13 PLAYER : Doug Zeitlin
Count Zero

Abilities Cost: 90

Lifting STR 14 400 tons Flight SPD 6/11/20 120 mph or 4000 mph or 2,000,000 mph Impervious ignores up to 8

DODGE (AGL) 10/6 (DC 20) PARRY (FGT) 10/6 (DC 20) FORTITUDE(STA) 12/10 TOUGHNESS(STA) 16 WILL (AWE) 12
Defense Cost: 13

+11/15 Close, Damage 14/10 Basic Blast +16 Ranged, Damage 10, Multiattack, Crit. (16-20) Mega-Blast +6 Ranged, Damage 20, Crit. (16-20) Environ. Blast +14 Ranged, Damage 12 vs Fortitude, Crit. (16-20) Icy Knuckles +10/14 Close, Damage 16/12, Crit. (16-20) Ice Bonds +14 Ranged, Snare 12, Crit. (16-20)


Accurate Attack Agile Feint All-Out Attack Assessment Benefit (CoJ) Connected Defensive Attack Diehard Eidedtic Memory Equipment 3

Extraordinary Effort Fascinate (Music) Hide In Plain Sight Improved Critical 2: Heat/Cold Powers (18-20) Improved Initiative 1 Improvised Tools Inventor Jack-Of-all-Trades Lionheart Move-by Action

Power Attack Second Chance 2 (Temperature Attacks) Seize Initiative Takedown 1 Teamwork Uncanny Dodge Holding Back 1 Improved Critical +2 Varies (16-20)
Advantages Cost: 30

Acrobatics 8 5 3 Athletics 10/14 10/14 -- Close Combat 8 8 -- Unarmed 11 8 3 Grab 11 8 3 Deception 7/18 2/11 5 Expertise
Music 10 9 1 Xehn Tech. 10 9 1 CoJ & Foes 10 9 1 Navigation 10 9 1 Insight 6 6 --

Intimidation 4/15 2/11 2 Investigation 9 9 -- Perception 7 6 1 Persuasion 5/7 2/2 3 Ranged Combat 3 3 -- Temp. Control 8 3 7 Ice Bonds 8 3/5 -- Sleight of Hand 3 3 -- Stealth 5 5 -- Technology 12 9 3 Treatment 9 9 -- Vehicles 5 3 2
Skills Cost: 18

Cybernetic Warrior: Enhanced Traits 18 (Fighting +4, Agility +4, 9 Fortitude +2), not in Nobel Gases Artificial Body: Protection 6, Impervious Toughness 15 21 Artificial Being: Immunity (Life Support, Aging) 11 Malleable Form Array 14 AE Faceless Default: Enhanced Traits 12 (Presence +3, 12 Deception +6, Intimidation +6) AE Invisibility: Concealment 6 to All Visual and Auditory 1 AE Shapeshifting: Morph 2 (adult humanoids), Enhanced 1 Trait 2 (Persuasion +4) Accuracy or Might Array 9 AE Accuracy: Close Attack 4; Enhanced STR 4, lifting only 8 AE Might Enhanced Strength 4 1 Defy Gravity: Flight 6 12 Translator Function: Comprehend Languages 3 (Understand/Speak/Read 6 All Languages) Enhanced Sensors: Senses 4 (Ultravision, Infravision, Low-Light 4 Vision, Direction Sense) Additional Features: Features 2 (Perfect Pitch, Ambidextrous) 2 Speed Reader/Calculator: Quickness 4, Only for mental tasks 2 Suppressed Battle Bot Code: Enhanced Advantage 1 (Holding Back 1) 1 Temperature Control: Variable 8, 40 pts. to manipulate, Free Action, 56 Not in noble gases, Heat/Fire & Cold/Ice effects only Icy Knuckles: STR-based Damage 2, Advantages: Improved Critical 2 [5] Area Doubled: Area x2 Damage 13 [39] Firey Thrust: Flight +5 [10] Area Ranged: Ranged Area Damage 13 [39] Icy Bonds: Ranged Snare 12, Accurate 2; Advantages: Improved Critical 2 [40] Area Selective: Selective Area Damage 13 [39] Firey Thrust: Flight +5 [10] Blast: Ranged Damage 10, Accurate 3, Multiattack; Advantages: Improved Critical 2 [35] Ice Sculpture: Create 13, 8k cubic ft., Innate, Stationary, Tether [29] Megablast: Ranged Damage 20, Inaccurate 2, Diminished Range, Advantages: Improved Critical 2 [39] Ice Armor: Impervious Toughness 3, Protection 2, Enhnaced Traits (Dodge -2, Parry -2) [1] Too Much Heat or Cold: Ranged Damage 12, Accurate 2, Alternate Resistance: Fortitude Accurate 2 [40]
Powers Cost: 147
Devices Cost: 0
Total Cost: 298
Base Points: 208 ExP Spent: 90 Experience Points Total: 95 Total Points: 298

CoJ Communicator COJ-005 2 Contribution to CoJ Bases and CoJ Vehicles 13
Vulnerability - Count Zero is weakened by noble gases. If he is attacked in or by high concentrations of noble gases, attacks get +5 to the effect.
Image - Count Zero feels he must maintain his reputation as a "good guy" at all cost. To this extent, he supresses his anger. He is also very protective of children.
My Brother, My Fiend - Count Zero hates his fellow Xehnian Synthoid Captain Zero.
Distinctive Features - Count Zero's default setting has a featureless face and stark white skin, but can change it at will.

Known Background: Count Zero is an alien being, and an artificial one at that. He arrived on Earth eighteen years ago when his ship crash landed in the California desert. Clearing up the violent misunderstanding between the alien being and the investigating military was one of the first cases of the Champions of Justice. A compromise between Count Zero's desire to help and request for asylum and the military's wary suspiciousness was struck and Count Zero was made a Champion of Justice where he could be kept in the public eye. He served well for many years, until it appeared, about twelve years ago, that the government's worst fears were realised. Count Zero was actually a deposed despot, and he aimed to make Earth his own. He openly betrayed the Champions of Justice; they fought. In the end, he was killed and the Champions of Justice were demoarlised and disbanded in disarray. And this was, save the death, the real plan. Actually, there was an evil physical duplicate of Count Zero, who with an accomplice captured the real Count Zero, and perpetrated the classic Evil-Twin-Substitution plot. The Champions' better nature had caused them to regroup, and several months after doing so, the real plot unfolded, and Count Zero returned to Earth. A few months later, after being publicly exonerated, Count Zero returned to active membership. He spent several years on reserve status, actively maintaining the Champions' headquarters, Liberty Station, and constructing their outpost in the Asteroid Belt, Ceres Station. He has recently joined the Executive Board.

Count Zero
Count Zero Personality: Count Zero is an alien, artificial lifeform. As such, while liking people and wanting to help and protect them, especially children, he doesn't always understand us. It makes it hard for him to relate. On the opposite side, he is incapable of making blanket judgments on types of people. He understands better than most about the uniqueness and sanctity of life. He is also very sensitive about public trust and opinion. Having endured mistrust and hatred, he understands how important it is to have people trust you. As such, he has become very image conscious.

Powers/Tactics: Count Zero's primary ability is his ability to manipulate kinetic energy on a molecular level. This gives him complete mastery of heat and cold, which he uses for any number of effects. He'll fly on a cloud of super heated plasma, project beams and waves of destructive temperature extremes, or create ice weaponry. His artificial body was designed for warfare. As such, he is incredibly strong and durable and he will often use simple fisticuffs instead of his temperature powers to subdue an opponent. Designed for infiltration, he can alter his malleable flesh and pigmentation to appear as other people. The ability that controls his pigmentation can also render him invisible; this mechanism was broken for a long time.

Appearance: Count Zero usually appears as a well muscled man, standing 6'2". His build shows no signs of the fact that he actually weighs nearly 340 lbs. His skin is chalk white. His face, though it could appear human, he keeps, while Count Zero, as a blank, featureless, yet somehow expressive, oval shape. He wears no uniform; his lack of features keeping him decent. The an interlinked triangle and circle, the Xehnian pictogram of his name, is his symbol. For a time, the malfunctioning pirmentation controller caused a patch of small black triangles to move about his skin.

Count Zero was created, designed, and played by Doug Zeitlin.

© Copyright 1987, 2022 - Douglas Zeitlin

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