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Approximatly 3.14 trillion miles from Sol, our sun, a brown dwarf star orbits out solar system. Astronomers at the University of California at Berkeley nicknamed this star Nemesis, although the star's existence is still considered theoretical and controvesial on Earth. However, Nemesis accounts for a majority of the missing mass in our solar system.

Nemesis has a small satellite, roughly the size of Mars, called Xehn. Although Sol appears as just a bright star as seen from Xehn, the planet is not left in the dark of night. Highly charged particles emitted from the black star react with Xehn's dense atmosphere causing auroras that light the daytime sky. Xehn has an Nitrogen/Oxygen atmosphere. It is .38 mass of Earth. It has a core of extremely dense Iron and Nickel. It's gravity is 1.1 times that of Earth. It has three major landmasses and two thirds of it's surface area are covered by water. This water apparently is the result of Nemesis' orbit passing through the Oort cloud, birthplace of most long term comets in our Solar System.

Xehn's native inhabitants have developed on a nearly parallel course to humans. They are bipedal and humanoid in appearance. Genetically they are 98 percent the same and could share blood or organ transplants with humans. It is not yet known if this is a coincidental case of parallel evolution, or if their are greater designs at work.

Despite outward appearance Xehn's technology is only around 50-75 years ahead of Earth. When Earth was beginning its industrial revolution, Xehn was developing the integrated circuit. We might have remained this close in development, but shortly after the development of the chip an alien craft crashed near Xehn's capital city (there is only one world government). None of the occupants survived. This day is colloquially called "The Incident". Xehn military and industry have spent years reverse-engineering the technology from the craft. Without it they would never have developed transporters or Faster-Than-Light technology so far ahead of humans. As of the failed invasion of Earth, transporters were common and used for most public transportation around the world. Faster-Than-Light was available, but only unto the elite class, major corporations, and military. Synthetic beings were extremely rare, only government contractors and military have even attempted this level of sophistication.

Politically, Xehn roughly paralleled Earth until the Incident. Just before the Incident, Democracy was still a new concept (approximatly 100 Earth years). After the Incident the military capitalized on newfound xenophobia. Since the military coup, the totalitarian government has spent time to ensure that Xehn is a concurring planet rather that a concurred planet. They have intended on invading Earth for some time, but started with a smaller planet. Concurrently two synthetic beings were introduced to Earth civilization. Count Zero was intended as an advance scout preparing for the failed invasion of Earth. However, he joined the Champions of Justice to become a world-renowned super hero, while Captain Zero dedicated himself to the destruction of the human race.

Known Xehnians
Star Knight Phlufina Bunnia
Liberty Ranger

Known Xehnian Sentient Programs

Known Xehnian Synthoids
Count Zero
Captain Zero
Zero Tolerance

Known Intelligences created by Xehnian method, but have never been there

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