Created by Andy Fox
Team PL: 10

After years of the Crusaders being disbanded, Mr. Behemoth brought together a new group of heroes to protect the people of the Twin Cities. Operating under the banner of Crusader Force, they battle against enemies of the old teams, who apparently relocated to the midwest to avoid the situation they now find themselves in.

Active Members
Fantastic Dude
The Knight
Mister Might
Power Guy
Rex Mentallo

Support Staff
Tom Wayne

Members on Indefinite Leave
The Hero III
The Sidekick
The Whip
Zero Man

PSB Strikeforce Liason
District Chief Paul Clarence

Former Members

Former Support Staff
Sheldon Howe

Known Associates
Captain Miracle
The Hero IV
Hero Prime
Crusader Force

Crusader Force Vehicles

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Last updated on 5 June 2022