created by Ken Hallaron
Team PL: 12 (11-14)

Ulysses Shamon was an already established mad scientist when he first formed the villain team known as Havok. His motives for forming the group are not known. However, after a spectacular and horrifying debut, Havok quickly became one of the most feared villain teams known. They had killed some of the Crusaders, crippled others, and raped a few besides, leaving them demoralised and soon disbanded.

However, they have clashed most frequently with the Champions of Justice. Havok even has the distinction of successfully turning a Champion of Justice, Dr. Celcius, against that team and into a member of Havok in good standing. Havok combines a fair amount of power with a true sense of nastiness and hit-and-run tactics into a fearsome combination. One observer put it best when decribing the most feared members of Havok, "the Thunder Twins are just plain mean."

Former Members
Doctor Ulysses Shamon
Doctor Celsius
Green Thunder Twin
Mister Elastic
Red Thunder Twin
Revenger², The Living Weapon

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