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When Police Detective Peter McMurphy revealed to his superior officers that he was also the Champion of Justice named Fireforce, they chose to use the opportunity to form a special division of the Los Angeles Police Department with Officer McMurphy in charge. Agents without innate powers were granted access to power armor manufactured by Adam's Industries (based upon the power armor created for Fireforce) and given special training in super villain restraining equipment. The agents were also trained in using the better side of valor, knowing when the situation is beyond their capabilities and to call on heroes for help.

When that branch proved to be a success in Los Angeles, another branch opened in Chicago, head up by former Secret Service agent Jerry Johnson. This branch worked well with the local hero group and again proved to be a success. A third Strikeforce office opened in Washington DC, headed up by Fredrick Wyte. Houston and New Orleans followed suit, with several northeastern cities pooling their funds to centralize in Empire City.

One of President Mahn's last initiatives has been to bring the Strikeforce departments out of the local police powers and make them a single federal police force under the Parahuman Security Bureau. As such, several of the established branches were re-examined. A director was appointed (not McMurphy, much to several people's surprise) and expansions were underway. Said expansions continued even after Mahn's impeachment.

The director of Strikeforce has the formal title of Assistant Deputy of Strikeforce Operations withing the Parahuman Security Bureau. The individuals in charge of various districts are referred to as District Chiefs and the majority of them hold the rank of Captain. The agents in the Strikeforce rank-and-file hold the rank of Officer. Those agents that serve above Officers but answer to the Captains are Lieutenants or Sergeants.

The Mobile Specialist Team is not attached to a single district, but may be requested by any district chief (or sent by the director). The team commander holds the rank of Major (a rank shared by only Peter McMurphy), and is essentially the "district chief" for his team. This also means that, if needed, he can pull rank wherever the team is needed.

Beyond the specific Strikeforce personell listed below, each office has more than a dozen officers. Also, several other cities now have Strikeforce offices as well, but there has not been need to detail them. For example, Tucson, Seattle and St. Louis all now have Strikeforce branches as well.

P.S.B. Command
Joaquin "Jock" Johnson, Director
Los Angeles, California
Peter McMurphy (Fireforce), District Chief

Las Vegas, Nevada
has its own campaign page

San Francisco, Californaia
Tony Hannah, District Chief
Sam DiNozzo

Houston, Texas
Ted Washington (Ion Storm), District Chief
Julie Wu
Sonya Shmidt

Washington, District of Columbia
Fredrick Wyte, District Chief
Mya "Myte" Tachi

Topeka, Kansas
Brady Elmwood (Migraine), District Chief

Miami, Florida
Harriette Parsons, District Chief
Jack Rodriguez
Arvincent Smith

Atlanta, Georgia
Bailey Ocean, District Chief

Chicago, Illinois
Jerry Johnson, District Chief

Candleton, Kentucky
Lester Enekchuk, District Chief

Empire City, Delaware
Leann Kirby, District Chief
Samson Salvitore

St. Louis, Missouri
Thomas Bertrand Anders, District Chief
Private Watkins

New Orleans, Louisiana
Bianca Fornier, District Chief

Denver, Colorado
George Glass, District Chief

Seattle, Washington
Anthony Draven, District Chief

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Paul Clarence (Lumpy), District Chief

New York, New York
Fernando Escobar, District Chief

Memphis, Tennessee
Roger Stevens, District Chief

Gallup, New Mexico
Jane Reid, District Chief
Jon Longarrow (War Eagle)

Mobile Specialized Team
Walter Wilcox, Team Commander
Nic Dane
Gerald Smith
Nancy Smith
Michael Silverman
Tom Stephenson

Support Staff
Basic Strikeforce Officer
Rookie Strikeforce Officer

Former Officers
Maurice Bodé (Mr. Nobody), New Orleans
Hugh Armstrong (Highpockets), Los Angeles
Ryan Tate, New Orleans
Luke Bingham, Las Vegas

Standard Strikeforce Office and Transports

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