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Team PL: 10

After being absorbed into the local Strikeforce and having their numbers drop to one, The Aces officially disbanded as a group. Instead, the Las Vegas Strikeforce agreed to work with the local parahuman talent on a case-by-case basis, using them as consultants and deputizing them in cases where supervillains are involved. As the heroes gradually departed and more parahuman officers were brought in, the Nevada Strikeforce stepped in fully to fight the evil in the area.

Strikeforce Command Staff
China Malone
Malachi Able
Arden Davis Jacobs

Strikeforce Support Staff
Luke Bingham
Chip Danvers
Rudy Lopez
Johnathan Maddock
Jackie McWaters
Juanita Vendaval
Semi-Active Consultants
Jack of Diamonds

Former Associates
The Hammer
Critical Condition
Dark Force
The Bronze Amazon

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