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The Knights of the Stellar Brotherhood, or the Star Knights, are an interplanetary order dedicated to justice and peace. They adhere to a philosophy called the Way that allows them to generate certain psionic effects. They employ these abilities, as well as their physical training, and their signature plasma-sword weapons to fight for what is right. They have not shared their precise range of influence with the people of Earth; however, they seem to be familiar with most of the alien races that have found their way to Earth.

Earth, itself, has only recently become officially under the watch of the Star Knights. The Star Knights have a non-interference rule for dealing with non-spacefaring races. Earth, however, has become the travel destination of enough other extra-terrestrials that the Star Knights are officially maintaining a station on Earth; sharing the building with the Koezari Embassy in Washington.

Known Operatives
Star Abbess Nah Noda
Star Prior Fley L'dus
Star Prior Nl'Sn
Star Knight Ntxn
Star Knight Teso Tusgug
Star Knight Krai-Ron
Star Knight Phlufina Bunnia
Star Knight Dayvanmat
Star Knight Urki Essensu
Star Noviciate Faith Boyles

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