Kristoffer Mordred's Son

Created by Ken Hallaron
Team PL: 13 (11-16)

The name Mordred is famous and infamous. For centuries people have been fascinated with the legends of Camelot and King Arthur, and in many of these stories the villains are Morgainne le Fey and her son Mordred. It is from these legendary figures that the warrior mage known as Kristoffer claims his parentage. Just as, in some versions of the story, Mordred was sired by Morgainne and her half-brother Arthur, Kristoffer has indicated that Morgainne le Fey was his mother, as well as his grandmother.

Of course, there is no way for Kristoffer to prove his claims. His suppossed parents are legendary figures. The other side of the coin, however, is that proving him wrong is likewise difficult. Were one to mention that Mordred's name in the earliest legends was the Celtic 'Medrawd', he would simply state that name changing occurred before Ellis Island. If one were to mention that Medrawd had a wife named Cwyllog, he'd simply state that Arthur had a wife named Gwenhwyfar (who is better known as "Guinevere").

The things that are definitly known about him are that he is skilled in fighting with many mideval style weapons and that he is a powerful sorcerer. He feverently believes that he is the son of Mordred and Morgainne le Fey. He hates his grandfather/uncle, Arthur, who he believes will return at the time of Britain's greatest need. This is what has given him his motivation. He wants to descimate the United Kingdom for the sole reason of bringing Arthur back, and he wants Arthur back so he can kill him right.

He will use any means he can. A sorcerer matching his description is whispered to have been an advisor to Adolph Hitler. He has hired mercanary soldiers and equipped them with high tech weaponry. He has enchanted his own son (and half brother), Mikhail, so that he is a physically super powerful being. He has clashed several times over the past decade with the Champions of Justice. Generally speaking, he considers them to be the biggest roadblock in his eventual goal.

Kristoffer and his Allies
Kristoffer, Son of Mordred
Black Paladin
Double Dragon
Fissure King
Knight Mare
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Energy Bitch

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