The Feathers

Created by Jim Caswell
Team PL: 10

After having found themselves briefly allied with the Hawk, the cat burglars known as Heartbreak and Nightshade met at the Hawks' Christmas party. They soon discovered that they had more in common with each other than with the heroes they were helping. Realizing that the hero business was not their style, the two left the party and headed for the Ritz Plaza Hotel. The pair broke into the penthouse and robbed the businessman who was staying there.

This was the beginning of a great business arrangement for the duo. Always staying one step ahead of the law, they have managed to excel at being thieves. Then came the day that the Hawk faced off against the Evicted Demonz on Lake Shore Drive. The Feathers heard on the television of the fight and realized that, with the Hawk and Strikeforce otherwise occupied, it was the best time to hit the History Museum and steal the jewels of the Nile, which were on display. They had managed to bypass all of the security systems when they walked up to the display, only to find that another burglar had beaten them there.

Alley Cat, international thief and acquaintance of the Champions of Justice, had gotten the same idea. It only took moments for the three of them to realize that it was time for the Feathers to expand their horizons as Alley Cat became the third partner in crime. They then took their show on the road. After spending a couple of years as freelancers, the trio was recruited to join the Collection Agency.

Active Members
Alley Cat

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Last updated on 4 July 2023