Tanaka Electronics Corporation

Created by Rob Miller
Location: Tokyo, Japan, et al

Built from the ground up by Tanaka Hiroshi, the world spanning company started in Japan, but has extended through the US, and attempts are now being made to get into the European Union. It began in Tokyo, Japan, where the parent company continues to thrive, specializing in Research and development of various new technologies, electronics, processors, and displays. Bushi Technologies, Inc, located in Hitachi, Manufactures processors and circuit boards. then came Samurai Video, Limited in Taipei, Taiwan where they manufacture displays, as well as take on special projects.

In the United States Tanaka Electronics, Inc. (located in Los Angeles, CA) makes computers and peripherals. Katana Technologies, Inc, located in Palo Alto, CA, take on special government contracts and research. Tanaka Aerospace, Inc. in Houston, TX also deal with the U.S. Government in contracts for aerospace components, including satellites, space shuttle components, and rocket engines, as well as Tanaka EC special projects. Lastly, Tanaka Technologies, Inc., located in Albany, NY, do research and development for artificial intelligence (but is far behind their compeditors at Lexington, Inc, though they don't know how far behind).

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