Lexington, Incorporated

Created by Jim Caswell
Location: Chicago, IL

During the early 1940's, Maxwell Industries was a manufacturing company of vacuum tubes based out of St. Louis, Missouri and was a strong contributor to the war effort. Eventually, the company, which had fallen on hard times by not advancing with the times, passed to the grandson of the original owner. When Ronald Lexington inherited the business, he moved it to Chicago and transformed it into a financial investment company, lucratively investing other people's money to make profits for everyone. Lexington then took the profits from playing the stock market and started diversifying into other areas.

When it was revealed that Lexington had telepathic and telekinetic abilities, the company's credibility as a financial firm was ruined, but as Larry Carter, Ronald's friend and pilot, stepped in as CEO, he expanded the diversified areas to make up for the loss and actually improve profits. Now, Lexington Inc. specializes in Aeronautic Research & Development (specializing in advanced helicopter designs), hovercraft construction (based on David Arthur Tannon's designs for the Air-amis), software development (expanding into app designs when the savantphones became popular), and integrated circuitry, as well as donating funds to help run the Champions of Justice and provide funding to the firm that pays for their medical staff.

Unknown to the general populace, however, is that they are also the top developers of artificial intellegence technology. Based on the work of Dr. Moore, they have developed sentient artifical life forms that are capable of learning, adapting, and growing beyond the parameters of their programming. They quickly discovered, however, that such work quickly leads to broad-scope ramifications that could result in problems; from government misuse to abuse to the newly-created life forms, learning from the reports of what happened on Xehn. As such, while they have released "dumbed-down," non-sentient programs on the market, they keep the real advancements under wraps.

Sentient Artifical Intellegence Programs
Zero Boy

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