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Douglas Kearns was a mid-ranking thief employed by Von Zuel. Unlike his brother, Marley (normally employed in the non-operational side of the crime boss' schemes), Douglas was an active participant in holdups, protection money collection, burglaries, and leg breakings. Also unlike his brother, Douglas has been to jail on several occasions, but had never ratted out the organization. When the Von Zuel's got their hands on antique weapons that were reported to have supernatural qualities, Douglas and Marley were chosen to test them, given their proven loyalty. Upon receiving their powers, the brothers promptly left Von Zuel and set out on their own. While they were briefly forced to return to Von Zuel's employment, they once again struck out on their own when the Minneapolis mob syndicate was brought down by Baseline and his friends from the Radio Ranch. The duo relocated to Chattanooga, Tennessee to run their own racket, away from established super-hero locations. While there, they were defeated by Fantasia, Diamant and Druid. Their mystical items were confiscated and destroyed and the two men were arrested.

Former Members
Talon of the Yama

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