Created by Ken Hallaron
Team PL: 11 (9-13)

The collection of heroes who became known as the American Rangers, began as a group known as the Ex-Marshals. At one time, as part of the Central Security Bureau, Joe Chillen began Project U.S. Marshal in which independent parahuman crime fighters would be temporarily deputised as U.S. Marshals for the duration of case the CSB wanted help with. This was not popular with the CSB higher-ups who rechristened the project "the Marshals". Joe was replaced by Arthur Slade, and the CSB recruited heroes who would work as CSB agents.

In the aftermath of PowerGate, Joe Chillen was appointed President of the United States. During his second month in office, he had the Marshals Project shut down. However, a fledgling team had been formed. Now independent, the third Super Patriot, Psionic Man, Billy Bob McGraw, Gator, and Scorpion chose to stay together as a team, first as the Ex-Marshals, then as the American Rangers after Energy Woman, Privateer, and Masked Marvel joined.

Despite two fatal casualties to the team, the team grew for a long time. Their roster continued to fluctuate, having had three members leave to join Rebel Yell. They consider anywhere in the United States to be in their jurisdiction, working primarily in the Southeast. They are an independent group, with funding provided by a grant from Mahntech. Their ties with the U.S. Government are informal but many. Now that Andrew Mahn, the head of Mahntech and former U.S. President, has been arrested (along with two of their members), it remains to be seen where those ties hang, but the stautus of the American Rangers continues to move forward and grow.

Capitol Ranger Station
Super Patriot III
Fantastic Woman

Atlantic Ranger Station
Critical Velocity
Night Hound

Dallas Ranger Station
Phoenix Fire

Columbus Ranger Station
Energy Woman

Great Lakes Ranger Station
Felix Katz

Pacific Ranger Station
Doctor Geo
Psionic Man

Baton Rouge Ranger Station
Blue Bear

Denver Ranger Station

Former Members Inactive Members Deceased Members
Billy Bob McGraw
Judy Juggernaut
Masked Marvel²
White Tiger
The Shield
Derby Queen
Ferro Man
Sea Bolt

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