Office of Parahuman Relations / Parahuman Security Bureau

Created by Doug Zeitlin and Ken Hallaron

Around the turn of the century, the President of the United States recognized the need to have a branch of the government dedicated to the monitoring and policing of the parahuman community. This need eventually transformed into the creation of the Office of Parahuman Relations (which had the former Central Security Bureau rolled into it) and was added to the Presidential Cabinet. Answering to this office is the Parahuman Security Bureau, which has recently had a federal police force, Strikeforce, added.

Current Staff
Director of the Office of Parahuman Relations : Joseph Chillen
Deputy Director : Dwight T. Jones
Assistant Deputy of Field Operations : Arthur Slade
Assistant Deputy of Strikeforce Operations : Joaquin Johnson

Former CSB Field Operatives
Super Patriot II
Gale Force
Black Blizzard

© Copyright 1988, 2023 - Kenneth G. Hallaron, Douglas S. Zeitlin

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Last updated on 4 July 2023