People's Liberation Army Para-Force

Created by Ken Hallaron

Very little is known about the parahumans of China. When they are discovered, they are immediately drafted into the military to serve. As with most of their society, the idea of individualism is sacrificed for the betterment of the whole, so solo heroes are unheard of. Rather than going with the codenames, costumes and pageantry of the west, they blend in with the rest of their fellow soldiers, wearing military uniforms.

Confirmation of their members is spotty, save for Captain Zhou, who made a very public appearance during the recent alien robot invasion, catching one of the alien ships and dropping it toward Korea. Turbo encountered Chou during the Darkness Saga, but of the numerous other members, only two are known due to rumors. The rest are completely unknown.

Active Members
Major Chou Jun
Captain Zhou Kaobong
Captain He Min
Lieutenant Luo

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Last updated on 24 March 2024