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Winanstan is one of the easternmost of the Central Asian states, bordering China on the east, and Kyrgystan on the north, Tajikistan and Afghanistan to the west, and Pakistan to the south. The country makes up an area of approximately 200,000 square kilometers. The majority of the population are Kyrgyz and Tajiks, with Uzbeks, Russians, and Germans making up the largest minority groups. Its climate ranges from temperate to subtropical; however, much of the country is mountainous, where the climate can be dry continental or even polar at higher elevations. The secularisation of Winistani culture during the Soviet-era has resulted in there being no official Winistani state religion. About 55% of the country's people are Islam, and another 40% are Russian Orthodox.

A former Soviet bloc country, it is now a unitary republic. The Winistani capital city is Jari Jinjonjay. A man named Emomalii Satybaldiyev is currently both President and Prime Minister. This is highly irregular, but as Winanstan has been doing very well economically since Satybaldiyev was elected, there has been little political objection. Winanstan's major exports are gold, aluminum, uncombed cotton, and various produce. Satybaldiyev has been very effective at removing government and business corruption, and has successfully moved Winanstan into a market economy. It has become perhaps the wealthiest of the Central Asian states.

Winistan, and it's locale in central Asia

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