The Destructors

Created by Ken Hallaron
Team PL: 10

The Destructors were a team of super villains who were encountered by Turbo and Riptide, just prior to the former's introduction to the Champions of Justice. They were encountered by Technon not long afterward, when they escaped incarceration during transfer to Radke. Returned to prison, they stayed there for several years. Upon their release, they dropped out of sight. When they reappeared in Chicago last Christmas, they seemed to have three new members with them; they didn't. They had joined the Phoenix Syndicate, and had three other Synners with them. Now that the Syndicate has been broken up, they appear to be reforming. What will happen with this returned team remains to be seen.

† - original members of the Destructors.

Active Members
Blue Dot
Tower Man

© Copyright 1988, 2023 - Kenneth G. Hallaron

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Last updated on 4 July 2023