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Several hundred parsecs from Earth is the Qarani Star Empire. Qaranites are humanoid extra-terrestrials who resemble humans, save for their epidermis which ranges from green-to-turquoise-to-blue-to-indigo. They also are from a high gravity world (3.7 Gs) and their bones, organs, and muscles are nearly 4 times denser than comparable human tissue. But more than that, due to the harsh environment of the Qarani homeworld, as well as the specific radiation frequencies of its suns, Qaranites have the peculiar trait that on other planets, they become immensely powerful. A typical Qaranite civilian male on Earth, for example, could press fifty tons. Once Qaranite astronauts discovered this, it was seen as a sign that Qaranites are biologically destined to rule the galaxy. Thus the Qarani Star Empire was born. They have been thwarted, to some degree, by the Stellar Brotherhood's reach within numerous star-faring governments. They also have rivals from other races of great power; Algolians and the Koezari to name a few. That said, the Qaranites are still quite dangerous.

Typically, Qaranites are encountered in squadrons. A Qaranite Warlord will be in command over anywhere from two to twenty squads. Each squad will have a squad leader in command of nineteen more soldiers. Typically, two or three of those nineteen will be exceptional soldiers called champions. Each squadron will also have some medical personnel, and very often a few scientists with them as well.

Example Qaranites
Qaranite Warlords
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Qaranite Scientists

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