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Team PL: 11

The original lineup of Flux consisted of four individuals who had run into serious trouble that only Howard Moore and his vast wealth and connections could get them out of: Joseph Ki had gotten himself involved with the Yakuza; Robert Jones was a struggling musician who wanted to get rich quick; Dr. Lisa Valley was a doctor who had her medical license suspended and was facing a major lawsuit for drinking before going into surgery; and Benny Ostrander had sexual harrassment lawsuits from no less than eight female co-workers. After helping them out with their various problems, Moore collected on their debts in the form of using them as test subjects for his Booster experiments.

While the experiments worked, the group was captured and arrested after their first battle with the D.C. Defenders. While in prison, their powers faded and they became normals again. Having served their time, they were eventually released. The first three were given jobs at CREST, while Benny went off on his own to try and regain his powers as a Follower of Germanicus. Robert's younger brother also got a job with CREST and joined the group when their "benefit package" was ready to be cashed in. At this same time, Benny returned, having gotten his powers taken away once more, and rejoined his old co-horts as they readied themselves for round two of their criminal careers.

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