Created by Jim Caswell
Team PL: 11 (9-13)

The United Kingdom was among the many countries who found themselves in short supply of the brand of super hero assistance that was so common within the United States. With the criminal element slowly creeping into the society, a group of wet-behind-the-ears heroes whose power and ego were much larger than their skill answered the call for help. These heroes often caused more trouble than the villains did, and a new group of heroes stepped forward to oust the former defenders and pick up the mantle.

When The Vigil finally stepped over the line in executing the rapist, a mysterious man appeared out of nowhere. Rumours began to spread through the countries that the stranger was King Arthur himself, returned to England during its time of need. After introducing himself as Valiant, he asked for the British Isles greatest heroes, both past and present, to join him in protecting their section of the world. As each decided to work with him, they found themselves teleported beside him. After the group was together, Valiant swears to protect the land of his forefathers and uphold the oath. A portal then opens behind them, transporting them to Doctor Arcanum and The Crystal Cavern.

Shortly thereafter, crime began a steady decline in all the countries that make up the British Isles. Whenever a crime was being committed, Valiant and his team magically appeared to stop it. The public had also continued to spread the rumors of this new hero, with most of them revolving around the idea of him being the living incarnation of Arthur. Picking up on this, the media has dubbed the group as the Pendragons. All of the hoopla has brought concern to the Royal Family and the British government, however, in the fear of how far these heroes plan on going to fulfill the legend.

They temporarily recruited a few other heroes with ties to Britain, but with limited success. Sometime later, though, the Pendragons took it upon themselves to try to bring law and justice to the other-dimensional realm of Dulling Mire. However, the different scientific rules within the realm necessitated changes to the team's line-up. Now there presence in Great Britain is limited to extreme emergencies, leaving the protection of England to heroes that were left behind.

Former Members
British Intelligence

Doctor Arcanum

Deceased Members

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