Shadow Hawk

NAME : Jason 'Jake' Graystoke IDENTITY : Not Secret OPERATIONS : Candleton, KY, USA POWER LEVEL : 11 PLAYER :
NPC, was Jeff Mills

Abilities Cost: 52

Lifting STR 1 100 lbs. Teleport LVL 14 60 or 16k miles Impervious ignores up to 3

* - without
Defensive Roll

Defense Cost: 23

+8 Close, Damage 1 Darkforce Blast +11 Ranged, Damage 11 Darkforce Tendrils +14 Ranged, Move Object 8


Acrobatics 10 7 3 Athletics 8 7 1 Unarmed Combat 8 2 6 Deception 10 1 9 Expertise
IOGWP Cover 5 4 1 World Geography 10 4 6 Fine Art 10 4 6 Insight 3 3 -- Intimidation 4 1 3

Investigation 5 4 1 Perception 5 3 2 Persuasion 3 1 2 Ranged Combat
Tendrils 14 5 9 Sleight of Hand 8 5 3 Stealth 10 7 3 Technology 5 4 1 Treatment -- 3 -- Vehicles -- 5 --
Skills Cost: 28

Beginner's Luck Benefit (CoJ, Wealth 2, Athletics uses Agility) Connected

Contacts Defensive Roll 3 Favored Environment (Darkness)

Equipment 1 Languages 3 [English] (Gaelic, Catalan, Cantonese, French)
Advantages Cost: 15

Darkforce Manipulation Array 37 AE Short Walk thru the UnderDark: Teleport 14, Accurate, 33 Limitation: Not into well-lit areas, Change Direction, Increased Mass 4 AE Long Walk thru the UnderDark: Teleport 14, Extended Only, 1 Easy, Limitation - Not into well-lit areas, Change Direction, Increased Mass 4 (16,000 miles in 2 actions) AE Shadow Walls: Create 11, Movable, Selection 1 AE Darkness Field: Concealment 8 (Visual), Burst Area 2, Attack 1 AE Shadow Form: Concealment 8 (Visual), Insubstantial - Energy 1 (UnderDark Stuff) Darkforce Intensification Array 26 AE Darkforce Tendrils: Move Object 8, Damaging, Precise 25 AE Darkforce Blast: Ranged Damage 11, Accurate 3 1 Darkforce Armour: Impervious Protection 5; Immunity (Sensory 12 Afflictions vs Sight) 1/2 Effect Darkvision: Senses 2 (Darkvision, Ultravision) 3
Powers Cost: 78
Devices Cost: 0
Total Cost: 196
Base Points: 176 ExP Spent: 20 Experience Points Total: 24 Total Points: 196

Honorary COJ Communicator COJ-122 2 Contribution to CoJ Bases and CoJ Vehicles 3
What's in a Name? - If your full name was Jason Percival Christopher Graystoke, you'd just want to be called 'Jake' too.
Vulnerability - Powers with Light as a descriptor get +5 effect against Midnight.
Relationships - Jake loves his daughter Genevieve Angelica deeply. He is also starting a close romantic relationship with Cathy Blackbourn. In spite of his criminal past, Midnight has been enbraced by the superhero community, even though he still believes he needs to prove himself.
Nemesis - The people who hate him the most are those that are tied to his past, like Viper.

Known Background: Jake Graystoke was a very successful cat-burglar, first in Great Britain and then, once things started getting a bit hot, the United States. He was making a good haul there until one night when things got weird. Suddenly, he had darkness powers and remembered working for Viper, and then he thought it was I.O.G.W.P. He was very confused as to why he would have joined either one of them, and had some rather large gaps in his memory, but he also didn't really question it and especially didn't want to have anyone asking questions he wasn't able to answer. He tried to continue his life as a thief, but his powers seemed to draw the attention of Spectrum, who became (from his point of view) Midnight's personal pain-in-the-butt. Eventually, the superhero caught him and put him away until he was recruited to join the Hawk.

While his time with the supers had its ups and downs, it did prove to be a positive influence in his life. Through the connections he made there, he had regained partial custody of his daughter. When the group was absorbed into the Champions of Justice, he even briefly served as a member. Having served his time, he was able to return to England for a short time, but eventually moved back to the states when his old Hawk mates formed a new group to watch over the Tri-city area.

Life was going good until the day it was announced that the Viper leader was revealed to be Barry Holiday. As soon as he heard the news, he fell into a coma. With no one able to wake him, T'Zianthra was called in for a consult and, merging with his mind, found the answer:

Jake had broken into the home of Barry Holiday, believing that the multimillionaire would be an easy score. Having bypassed the security with ease, he was gathering his trophies when the man returned home... and unleashed hell itself. he could have easily killed the burglar, but instead took him to his followers at Viper, who were in the process of experimenting with dark energy. They used him as a test subject, fully believing he wouldn't survive the process, and when he did, they knew it would be safe to use on the clones developed to infiltrate the White House. Graystoke was then taken to David "King Cobra" Alexander, Viper's foremost mentalist, to be scrubbed and brainwashed into becoming an agent. When Alexander started, however, Jake activated his shadow-walking powers and escaped. The best Alexander had managed was to confuse his memories, wipe the connection between Holiday and Viper and plant a subconscious command that, if the connection was ever mentioned, Graystoke would go catatonic.

With his memories restored, Midnight continues to work with the Shadow Hawk, free to begin a new relationship with his new teammate, Onyx.

Midnight was created, designed and was played by Jeff Mills. He is now an NPC.

© Copyright 1996, 2024 - Jeff Mills

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