The UnderDark

Created by Jeff Mills, Matt Jorgenson, Dave Franklin, Jim Caswell, Jason Hobbs, and Ken Hallaron

The Underdark is a non-euclidian realm permeated by what is usually referred to as darkforce. Darkforce, itself, defies explanation, behaving much like a cold plasma, being apparently devoid of energy or mass, but yet has momentum and can be shaped. A small number of Earth's parahuman population has gained access to the Underdark, and limited control of the darkforce therein. There is a lifeform native to the Underdark, and those creatures have escaped on occasion onto Earth.

About ten years ago, a Russian FSB Agent with telepathic powers was pursuing Cassandra Evans, the first Sunspark. At the same time, two members of the Big Apple Knights, Torpedo and Critical Velocity, as well as a darkforce-powered vigilante, were pursuing Evans' then-lover Sunshard. In the ensuing confrontation, Pariah was biologically killed by Sunshard even as his mind was being flayed by the Russian psionic. Pariah's disembodied mind and soul were trapped inert in the Underdark, even as one of the shadowbeasts escaped and merged with the Russian, who became Mamuna. Years later, the villain scientist Necron electronically reanimated the corpse of Pariah. When the Pariah-zombie tried to shadowwalk through the Underdark, he inadvertently awoke his inert, diembodied mind and soul. Now calling himself Umbrageon, and trapped in the Underdark, he now has great influence over the shadow creatures within.

Residents of the Underdark
Alpha Beast
Beta Beast
Shadow Beasts
Underdark-infused Parahumans
Agent C of Viper
Razor Styx

People Using Underdark-infused Technology
Dark Force
Dr. Emil Blackthorne (formerly)

People Using Underdark-duplicating Technology
Dr. Emil Blackthorne
Nimrod the Hunter

Deceased Parahumans Deceased Technology-users
Lance Diamond Jr.
D-Squad Platoon

Blackout I

© Copyright 1994, 2023 - James E. Caswell, Jason D.C. Hobbs, Kenneth G. Hallaron

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Last updated on 4 July 2023