Gulf State Guardsmen

NAME : Stephyn Anton Parthenos IDENTITY : Secret OPERATIONS : Miami, FL, USA POWER LEVEL : 9 PLAYER : Tony "Shadowbourne" Peters

Abilities Cost: 36
 Lifting STR 0 
50 lbs

 Flight SPD 3 
16 mph

 Speed SPD 8 
500 mph

* - without
Defensive Roll

Defense Cost: 19

+3 Close, Damage 0 Umbral Edge +3 Close, Damage 2 Shadowlance +8 Ranged, Damage 10 Shadowrend +12 Ranged, Move Object 6 Wrapshadow +8 Ranged, Affliction 6


Acrobatics 8 4 4 Athletics 2 0 2 Unarmed Combat 3 3 -- Deception 3/9 1/6 2 Expertise
Arcane 12 2 10 Insight 2 2 -- Intimidation 1 1 -- Investigation 2 2 --
Perception	  6	 2	 4
Persuasion	  1	 1	--
Ranged Combat	  8	 4/4	--
Sleight of Hand	  8	 4	 4
Stealth		 10	 4	 6
Technology	 --	 2	--
Treatment	 --	 2	--
Vehicles	 --	 4	--
Skills Cost: 16

Agile Feint Defensive Roll 5 Equipment 1 Evasion Extraordinary Effort

Hide In Plain Sight Improvisation 2 Languages 3 (French, Greek, Latin, Romany) Lionheart

Move-By Action Ranged Attack 4 Redirect Ritualist Uncanny Dodge
Advantages Cost: 7

Duskmantle: Fleeting Shadow (Agile Feint, Defensive Roll 5, Evasion, Move-By 14 Action, Uncanny Dodge), Shadowmeld (Concealment 4, All Visual Senses, Hide In Plain Sight, Limited to Darkness/Shadows Only) Duskmantle Array 11 AE Shadowglide: Flight 3 (Subtle 2, Gliding), Leaping 2, Trackless 9 Movement AE Shadowdiving: Teleport 2, Change Direction, Subtle 2, Turnabout 1 AE Shadowtag: Wall-Crawling 1, Speed 8, Tether (Attach to target and 1 travel with Target), Only while Shadowflow is active Ebon Eyes: Senses 4 (Arcane Awareness, Darkvision, Detect Hidden 1) 4 Shadowcraft Array 26 AE Shadowlance: Ranged Damage 10 20 AE Gloom: Environment 6 (900 ft), Cold, Visibility -2, Selective 1 AE Shadowflow: Insubstantial 3 (Shadow), Movement 2 (Slithering, 1 Wall-Crawling 1 [2 with Shadowtag]) AE Shadowgate: Teleport 4, Portal, Accurate, Change Direction, Limited 1 to Extended (16 miles in 2 moves), Medium (Shadows) AE Shadowrend: Move Object 6, Damaging, Accurate 2 1 AE Umbral Echoes: Enhanced Trait 3 (+6 Deception), Illusion 8 (Affects 1 Visual, Redirect) AE Umbral Edge: Healing 8 (Self Only), Weaken 8 (Affects STA, Resisted 1 by FORT, Accurate 3) AE Wrapshadow: Ranged Cumulative Affliction 6, Resisted by Dodge, 1 Overcome by Will, Extra Condition, Limited Degree (Hindered & Vulnerable, Defenseless & Immobile)
Powers Cost: 56

Shadowkasters: Removable 12 Enhanced Traits: +4 Parry, Improvisation 2, Ranged Attack 4 10 Shadowsheath: Feature 1 (Dimensional Storage) 1 Umbral Edge: STR-based Damage 2, Variable Descriptor 2 4 (Shadow Form Melee Weapons)
Devices Cost: 12
Total Cost: 146
Base Points: 144 ExP Spent: 2 Experience Points Total: 4 Total Points: 146

Guardsmen Communicator 2

Multiple Shadow Effects 10 Switchshadows: Ranged Teleport Attack 1, Attack vs Dodge, Change Direction, Turnabout Umbral Assault: Damage 4, Accurate Shadowspy: Remote Sensing (Ranged Visual Sensing: 4 miles) 10 Umbral Undertow / Shadowslam: Damage 10 & Ranged Teleport, Attack 1 14 (Attack vs Dodge, Change Direction)
Dark Whispers - Trapped within his body, by his very soul, is (what he believes to be) a demon of darkness and shadows. The hellspawn is always whispering, always prodding Stephyn to do the most foul things imaginable. Imprisoned it may be, silent it is not.
Enemy - Emile Fontaine is currently the head of the North American chapter of the Consilium de Lumire. He was primary in seeking young Parthenos' execution.
Errant Shadows - Wraith's bond with shadows has affected his shadow and all shadows within close range. His shadow has a decidedly inhuman, demonic shape; long talons, barbed devil's tail and horns. In addition it and all other nearby shadows gain mobility and independence...writhing and coiling like serpents. These shadows will sometimes cling along Wraith's Hex/Scar, enhancing it's already disturbing appearance.
Evil by Association - Stephyn Parthenos wields power over shadows and darkness. Mankind has kindled a fear of darkness ever since his first step on land. Because of this, many view the Umbral Warlock as evil...a monster from out of the very darkness they guard against. This disdain will impact any interaction in a negative manner.
Distinctive Features - Wraith has a weird scar/tattoo combination that covers his torso and entwines along his left arm. Carved into his flesh, the scar has runes and sigils along it's length with ink that glistens like his own blood. Scattered throughout are areas where the ink pools into twinkling gems of black blood which pulse with each beat of his heart.

Background: Born into a family with traditions is most often a good thing. It means that family is important. It means that you are part of something that is almost immortal. However, not every family tradition is a good thing. And for some, it can be something quite deadly.

Parthenos. A family with a long family tradition...hunting demons. Stephyn's family was part of the Consilium de Lumire, the Council of Light, a centuries spanning organization whose sole purpose was to thwart those with unholy power.... preventing their rise to power.

At a young age, Stephyn's parents took a traditional holiday trip, only to never return. In the blink of an eye, young Parthenos was orphaned. His uncle, a valued member of the Council, took Stephyn in and began training him in the family traditions.

The reason he was in Miami University that day is a secret that only a handful of people know. All that is certain is that he was there when the incident occurred. He was there when a tentacled horror flew out of the darkness. Instinct and training took over...Family Tradition rose up in a newly trained member of the Consilium. That day, a creature of darkness met a warrior of light.

The ensuing conflict was both brutal and fast. Flashes of light and dark flowed across the campus as two beings with mutual hatred clashed. The eternal battle between the light and the dark raged on. This time though, in the end, the dark proved more than the light could handle... at first.

Bruised and battered, his weapons shattered, his magic spent, young Parthenos turned to an unthinkable solution. To stop the save lives, Stephyn Parthenos resorted to the very thing he was trained to prevent. The very thing that his Traditions were designed to rid the world of.... forbidden magic.

Grasping a shard of his broken weapons, uttering indecipherable words, Stephyn carved symbols into his very flesh as the Shadowbeast. With his last bit of strength, Stephyn leapt directly into the mass of writhing tentacles as the spell gained life and ignited... darkness and light became one in an arcane explosion that left only a single body upon the ground. The battle was done... but at what price?

It was almost a week later that Stephyn Parthenos woke. Held for breaking the covenant of the Consilium, Parthenos was to be tried and executed for breaking one of their very basic tenants, the use of Forbidden Magics.

Traditions. His family fought the dark. It was their tradition. It had been that way for centuries. Every day, they woke up and pushed the darkness back into it's little black hole. They never quit, they never gave up. Why should he be any different? Though the darkness was now inside of him, what better tool to use against the dark than itself? His family fought... they always did... and they always will.

And now? Now he will forge that darkness into a weapon for the light. Now he will teach the darkness what fear is.

Appearance: Deathly pale skin and Eurasian features, lend Stephyn an exotic look. With long black hair with a purple sheen and a sculpted Van Dyke, he becomes almost aristocratic. Brilliant, piercing green eyes and a vulpine cast make it decidedly inhuman. All blend to remind one that Stephyn Parthenos is the predator, not the prey. Not bound by convention, Wraith favors Victorian Gothic mixed with Urban Streetwear. Greatcoats and waistcoats, Hoodies and Doc Martens all combined with mystic sigils and urban tags, to paint a man caught between two worlds and different times. Predominant among the images are crosses and fanged skulls reminiscent of vampires and bearing the Gothic influence. All of this in a dark swirl of black, plum and burgundy, Wraith casts a foreboding figure.

Wraith was created, designed and played by Tony "Shadowbourne" Peters.

© Copyright 2016, 2020 - Robert A. Peters

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