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Toward the end of the seventeenth century, a small group of mages were revealed and hunted by the local townspeople in a small North American settlement. What few realized was that it was orchestrated by one man, who used the situation to sacrifice these good magic-users to Der Nacht. Once his machinations were uncovered, though, the survivors banded together to defeat him. Upon examining his belongings, they discovered the Germanicus Manual and learned of the history and rituals of the Followers of Germanicus. Vowing to protect themselves and others from such attacks in the future, they swore to teach the generations that came after them about the threats of striving for more power and preparing them for the battle with the Followers that they were sure was to come.

As time passed, they became known as the Consilium de Lumine, or Council of Light. They maintained their secrecy, keeping to the shadows so as not to be discovered and persecuted again, but striving to protect innocents from those that would wield magic for evil purposes. As parahumans began to become prominent during the mid twentieth century, though, the council began realizing that power abounded everywhere and that, by holding to their belief that power begets corruption, they were quickly becoming obsolete. Some people, like young Fredrick Hall, believed that power must be embraced and sought responsibly. While he soon parted ways with the council, the movement that he started permeates the minds of some members to this day, while the old ways are still maintained by the majority.

Active Members
Emile Fontaine
Norman Hall
Stephyn Anton Parthenos
Mage Knights

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