Created by Jim Caswell
Team PL: 11

As the world began a new century, a group of high-ranking officials realized that the United States had struggled under the thumb of international terrorism for far too long. Seeming to be untouchable, organizations like I.O.G.W.P. were continually defeated, only to rise from their own ashes to strike once more. Operating under the newly-formed office of Central Security Bureau and its department head, Arthur "Ice" Slade, Freedom Force was once again recommisioned, using volunteer operatives and based out of The Mongoose – a flying helicarrier fortress. This time, the war on crime was going to be taken to the enemy’s doorstep.

At least, that was the plan. But some plans get stopped before they get a chance to get started. Much like the Star Wars Project, a change in administration can shut down a multimillion dollar project with a flick of the pen. As President Andrew Mann took office, the first of his "cost-slashing" actions was to shut the doors of Freedom Force and keep The Mongoose from being rebuilt. The fledgeling group scattered to the wind, each following their own goals and dreams.

Former Members
Arthur "Ice" Slade

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