HOMEBASE : Winanstan SIZE : Awesome POWER LEVEL : 6 OWNER : I.O.G.W.P.
The ship formerly known as The Mongoose


Lifting STR 20 25,000 tons Flight SPD 9 1000 MPH

Anti-Gravity Units: Flight 9 18 Features: Alarm, Navigation System, Radar, Sonar, 23 Hidden Compartments, Combat Simulator, Communications, Computer, Defense System, Fire Prevention System, Gym, Hangar, Infirmary, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Personnel, Power System, Security Systems 3, Workshop Cloaking Devise: Concealment to Radar, All Visual Senses 11 Weapons System: Ranged Damage 12 24
Total Points: 81

When the United States decided to re-establish a government-sanctioned super-team, Arthur Slade was put in charge of its formation. One of his first acts was to appropriate multi-billions of federal dollars to build a flying helicarrier fortress. After over a year of construction, the Mongoose was launched, and Slade began looking for heroes to join the team. This order of things soon proved to be wrong, though, when the team folded almost as quickly as it formed, with The Mongoose being knocked out of the sky over England.

As the Mongoose was being shipped back to the U.S., the parahuman terrorist orginization commonly known as I.O.G.W.P. stole the helicarrier and began using it as their own flying fortress, renamed Slade's Folly as a joke against it's creator. They held the ship for years afterward, until the Champions of Justice finally struck them down, including disabling their arial headquarters, crashing it into the Southern Ocean, approximately two-thirds of the way between South Africa and Antarctica. Its residence there was short-lived, however, when a team of Champions of Justice found Robotron trying to repair it, destroying the ship once and for all.

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