Created by Jim Caswell, Tim Phillips, Eric Mc Donald, Neil Lindgren and Ken Hallaron
Team PL: 11 (8-13)

The world of Mysteria, while holding basic similarities to Earth in the fact that it has a sun, gravity and air, looks very different, and even moreso after the sinking of Dulling Mire. The planet's body of water is much larger, now covering over 95% of the known planet. It also has a magical component that not only separates the continents from casual detection (even from one another), but also seems to draw magic to it like a magnet. The magical nature of the realm also tends to mess with transport between it and other realms, making unseasoned dimension hoppers arrive at random time intervals.

After the destruction of one of its two known major land masses by the megalomaniac Dominion, most of the world's survivors have taken refuge on the last continent on the planet: New Avalon.

New Avalon

When Fianna was transported to a parallel dimension, he named the dimension Avalon, after the name the locals used for their land. This area was strictly populated with people that are reminiscent of ancient Gaelic Warriors, wood elves and the Fhaine (mountain dwarves). There was also a portal that allowed the Fair Folk to visit, but they had not been seen in many years. When the surviving residents of Dulling Mire (Centaurs and Trolls) were evacuated and Zeein Island (which was home of the Lava Elves) was relocated to become Mount Zeein, they were joined by the other races. Even the mer-people survivors of Glublubluglub have taken to residing in the bays of New Avalon to avoid the new dangers of the deep.

To help protect them and keep the peace, the Pendragons and the other heroes of the realm joined forces and became the Champions of Mysteria, residing in Champions Tower atop Mount Zeein.

The Champions of Mysteria Residents of New Avalon
Croga the Warlord
la Lionne Noire
Randi the Winged Centaur
Silver Sorceress
Uilliam Horvath

Gaelic decendants
Wood Elves
Lava Elf Commoners
Lava Elf Counsellors
Lava Elf Mages
Lava Elf Nightblades
Lava Elf Spellswords
Wanda the Mermaid
Mermen Soldiers

Amazon Island

Shortly after the Greek gods returned to Erylusia, the Amazon warriors found themselves in frequent conflict with the tribes around them. While their foes were no match for the fierce females, many of whom were direct decedents of Erylusians themselves, the women knew that the more battles they won, the greater their enemies would grow in number. Rather than annihilate everyone else in Greece, the Amazons decided to find a place where they could live without the interference of men. They found such a place after passing through a magical portal that transported them through time and space to another dimension. Now free to live a life of relative peace, the women continued to hone their battle skills through tournaments. They have been on Amazon Island for hundreds of years but, due to the time shifts from traveling from dimension to dimension, thousands of years have passed on Earth.

Amazon Island managed to avoid most of the descructive nature of Dulling Mire sinking. This is due to New Avalon taking the brunt of it, being between the two land masses and closer to the island than either group is fully aware of.

The Bronze Amazon

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Mysteria before the sinking of Dulling Mire

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