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Tongolia is a central Pacific archipegalo nation located northeast of American Samoa, northwest of French Polynesia, and south of Kiribati. Originally, it was once a part of the Tui Tongan Empire, culturally tied to Tonga forther to the southwest. Many of the islands in the archipegalo are volcanic, making the nation a part of the Pacific Ring of Fire. While the Tongolian capitol is a modern city with a small international airport, some places, such as the village of Poa are more rustic. The primary reminder of Tongolia's "discovery" by Broderick Mandfield are the Mansfield Mountains: Mount Racquel and Mount Mount Theodolinda (named for Broderick's daughters). There is some disagreement on the pronuncuiation of the nation's name. In North America, it is usually said as if it rhymes with "Mongolia", but in Europe it is said with the emphasis on "lia". With international tourism being a huge part of the Tongolese economy, the locals appear to have no preference.

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