International Hero Hall of Fame and Museum

Created by Andy Fox and Jim Caswell

When Tom Wayne decided to bring back the Crusaders in the city of Denver, he purchased a large mansion and had it converted to meet the team's every possible need. While it served as a abundant home for them while they were together, it wasn't used for very long before the team disbanded. The mansion was maintained and even served as home for the few heroes who stayed active within the area, but the maintenance costs were high and served as a constant reminder of Behemoth's attempt to rekindle the team. Eventually, his then-fiancée decided that it was time to sell off the property. Behemoth found a willing buyer in Lexington Incorporated, who soon after combined resources with the Champions of Justice.

After the CoJ's encounter with the Saracen, Larry Carter decided that it was time for the two former Crusader bases to follow in the footsteps of the old Legion of Champions headquarters and be turned into museums. The Denver location was chosen to house the International Hero Hall of Fame and Museum.

Attractions include wings dedicated to some of the more renowned hero teams like the Allied Champions, Windy City Defenders, Liberty Squadron, U.N. Earthforce and the Rising Suns, as well as rooms for some of the smaller organizations. The David York Memorial Wing will house exhibits for both the original Freedom Force and Eclipse teams. An exhibit houses rotating pieces on loan from the other two museums to acknowledge the contributions of the LoC and Crusaders. An interactive holographic suite allows visitors to take virtual tours of the Guardian and Lucky Trophy Room, housed aboard Liberty Station. The D. Arthur Tannon Memorial Theater shows various movie presentations, including a historical documentary on the history of super heroes.

The museum grounds have beeng adapted to include outdoor amusement attractions. Rides aboard the Crusaders Hovervan and the Golden Eagle helicopter are conducted at various times throughout the day. Stuntcycle quarter rides are situated around the area for children's amusement. A Scarlet Ship simulator gives attendees the feeling of flying the real thing.

The Carriage House is used as a secret altertative headquarters of the CoJ, and is therefore off-limits to visitors to the museum.

Museum Curator
Alistair Munro

Museum Manager
Jacob Richards

© Copyright 1994, 2023 - Andrew C. Fox, James E. Caswell

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Last updated on 4 July 2023