Project: New Moon

Created by Doug Zeitlin
Team PL: 11

After Project: Eclipse failed to keep the Freedom Force agents from leaving government service, a new development team was commissioned to create another group of parahumans. This organization proved to be even more unscrupulous than those that had worked on Project: Eclipse, however, and chose to expose innocent enlisted personnel to various life-threatening situations to see what would take. After three successful attempts, they imprisoned the soldiers until they could be retrained and conditioned to serve unconditionally those that had mistreated them. Before this last step could take place, however, Eclipse learned of the situation and rescued the prisoners, providing them with protection and support until they were able to adjust to their new lives.

Known Draftees
Magneta, the Bombshell
Pat Riot

John Doe

© Copyright 1991, 2023 - Douglas S. Zeitlin

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Last updated on 4 July 2023