Created by Neil Lindgren, Ken Hallaron and Jim Caswell

Occasionally, when a person dies, but has unresolved issues that they cannot let go of, they stand the chance of missing the opportunity to move on. Most of the time, they find themselves trapped in an incorporeal state, unable to interact with the mortal realm. If they have the will and drive, however, they can sometimes manifest the ability to be seen and occasionally interact with the living. Able to affect the real world, some choose to help people, while others strive to continue their evil ways.

Typical Ghosts

Good Spirits Evil Spirits
Molly, the Friendly Ghost
Joshua Daniels, the Cyclist
The Shadow Lantern

The Headless Cyclist
The Ghost Empress -moved on-
Ghost Gadget
The ghost of Missile Man -moved on-
Kong Hotep
Shan Shan -moved on-

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Last updated on 19 August 2020