Mickey Island

Created by Neil Lindgren

In the Pacific Ocean, west of San Francisco, is a small island that is populated by a very unique breed of mice. The original pair were one of Dr. Green's experiments from when she was researching her second generation regeneration treatment that got used to help Sandy Foxx (Foxfire). After Alex was fired from the University for using the treatment on Sandy after Sandy was hit and nearly killed by a car, Alex ordered Sandy to kill the mice, but instead Sandy freed them because she could sense with her new-found powers that they were intelligent. They hid in the University Building and bred until it was torn down, at which point they were discovered and taken to the FASI Building. After they were found overrunning the facility, they were taken by Fasttrack and released onto the island where they could live in peace.

That peace was short-lived, however, as it took them less than a month to strip the island of all vegetation. Before they had the chance to abandon the island and become a global disaster, Madame Y found the island and took the mice for experimentation and research. With the island cleared of the enhanced rodents once more, the island stands as an example of what could have happened to the world.

Former Residents
The Mouse Horde

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Last updated on 4 July 2023