Created by Andy Fox and Neil Lindgren

Earth-A generally resembles Earth-K Minnesota, minus the seasons other than summer, but with humor that skews closer to Baldman's corner of Earth-Dand no concern about power levels. Below are the significant differences between Earth-K and Earth-A.

- This campaign is actively running face-to-face only.
Active Campaign Groups Crusader Force

Master Villains Super Ego

Organizations United Utopians

Villain Teams The Fierce Five Health Care Team The Knock-Offs

Protection, Inc. The Sneaky Six Total Theft

Duos & Trios Hilton Sisters The Nelsons Smash & Grab

Triple Threat Waterworks & Wildlife

Loose Affiliations C.A.M.L.

Street Crime The Greek's Mob The Midevils The Olympians

Disbanded Villain Groups Hilton Brothers

The Business District
Large Corporations Technological Innovations Now (T.I.N.)

Small Businesses Oasis Community Center

The Dark Web Fawkes Construction Designs Mr. Q's

Locations of Interest
Additions to the Map Bamaloo, Minnesota Mickey Island

Superteam Bases Crusader Fortress

Beyond the Norm
Alternate Dimensions Croftolan

© Copyright 1988, 2022 - Andrew C. Fox

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Last updated on 15 June 2022