Created by Jim Caswell and Andy Fox

After Crusader Force found a group of Ferguson, Vangor and Ranthor clones that had fallen between the cracks due to genetic abnormalities, Radar and Painless Ferguson stepped up to take care of them, wanting to dedicate themselves to helping clones like themselves learn how to become individuals that could contribute to society. With the help of Dr. Anderson, who the group had been trying to kidnap, they decided to take them back to the place they had been dwelling and turn it into a home for wayward clones. With the financial help of Crusader Force's Samson, they were able to improve the quality of life of the compound that was far away from everything else in a forrest of Northern Minnesota, providing them with the peace, quiet and privacy they wanted and deserved.

Current Residents
"Painless" BJ Ferguson
Walter "Radar" Ferguson
Daniel Nathaniel "Doctor DNA" Anderson
George Ferguson
Glenny Ferguson
Glenley Ferguson
W.T. "Wild Thing" Ferguson
Clayton "Quasimoto" Vangor
Clayton "Merrick" Vangor

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Last updated on 24 March 2024