The Greek's Mob

Created by Andy Fox
Team PL: 10 (8-13)

With the onset of Williamsburg villainy relocating to Minneapolis, its not surprising that some of their organized crime counterparts made the move as well. Led by Egbert Wilburman, who has brought a gang of meta-muscle to help "aquire" land in the area, the group answers to an old foe of Fantastic Man's -- Aristotle the Greek.

The Greek's Mob
Aristotle "The Greek" Liakis

Liakis Manor Minneapolis
Billy Lugosi
Clyde McDooley
Dexter Desmond
Fred McMahon
Irving Verde
MaCauly Donaldson
Melvin "The Sneer" Mahoney
Terry "The Nose" Tannenbaum
Tom Ansen
Curlington Webb android
The Greek's Thugs
Egbert Wilburman
"Brass Balls" McHannigan
Ferdinand Duke
Jacques Lambčrt
Dickson's Crew

© Copyright 1983, 2023 - Andrew C. Fox

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Last updated on 4 July 2023